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why Android Is Better Than iPhone

Why Android Is Better Than iPhone iOS 2017

Is Android Better than iPhone?

There are a lot of reasons why I wrote this topic, I know iOs iPhone users will get mad if they found this posts and read my opinion, but honestly I did not mean to break the barrier from Android OS to iPhone, I admit that iOS is very much popular since before the Android Operating system was founded and released from many company such as Samsung, MyPhone, Cherry Mobile, HTC, Lenovo, ASUS etc., and in terms of design and quality iPhone is also good, there is a new Iphone X released which has a huge features that anyone would surely love and it is the face detection with a design of full screen without a circle home button, now the only problems for those who love using a 2 mobile networks (SIM) iPhone is not recommended because it only caters one network SIM.

Let’s talk about the Customization

The Good Thing about android is that it is an open source and offers a full root access to customized your Android Phone, this is legal and the only problems when customizing or tweaking your device is voiding your device warranty, while the iPhone is not allowing the customization even Jail breaking is illegal and it much harder for iPhone users to customized because Apple company do not allow that, and of course when you are rooted from Android Device there is a lot of advantage that you can enjoy, such as customizing default messaging app, keyboard, or transparent your GUI by the used of gravity box, Android has a lot of community supports which will really easy for all Android Users to enjoy using their device, and one factor also is that you can install apps or games manually by simply downloading APK’s and just need to enable the unknown sources from your Android Settings.

Downloading Music Mp3’s or sharing files

Downloading Mp3’s manually is not easy from iPhone, while in Android Phone you can easily transfer from one phone to another using Bluetooth or one of the most popular file transfer Android Apps called SHAREit, you can easily transfer data, documents, movies, videos using this app, even it is also available from iPhone but it is more easy when it comes to Android OS, from Multi-tasking, also when you Played the most popular games called Clash of Clans (COC), apple allows only one (1) account, while in Android device you can use multiple gmail accounts to manage multiple COC base, and any other apps that required google account so it easy and more cool than iPhone.

Internal Storage and External Storage

Now, honestly Apple Company really have a huge reason why they do not allow a slot for SD Card or External Storage or most commonly known as Memory Card from iPhone device it is because of lag issues where when the SD card fully allocate the available storage it will starts to get laggy and the only thing to fix this issue is to delete some data you allocate on SD Card, so this is why Apple only created an Internal Storage from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB etc. so the more internal storage is big the more price increased, but in Android OS, all of the device allowed a slot of inserting SD Card for all the android users who wanted to use SD card is there backup storage of their file, this is a plus because you can easily backup date by simply moving all your Photos and image from the SD Card, just make sure that your Android Phone can cater the amount SD card storage capacity to avoid lag issues, Android Also allows you to modify your Firmware by simply rooting your device and then set your SD card to primary storage, there is a lot of blog who give you a proper process on doing to specific device, but make sure that you always know the consequences when rooting your device, as it might leads you to softbrick or bootloop or worse hard brick, but there is always solution of it so, if you are a google search user then you are good to go on finding some solution of it.

In General, Android allowed you to have a SD Card Slot while iPhone do not, so I am not saying that people would pick a better phone because both of them is good, is just that there is huge factor or advantage between iPhone and Android Phone.

To make this thing easy for all of you to understand, I will put a pros and cons of iPhone iOS and the Android Phone, this is not accurate correct but this is the possibility on identifying why you should go on iPhone or why you should go to Android Phone.

Android Device Pros
  1. Cheaper than iPhone which means much more affordable
  2. Easy to Transfer Music, Videos and files
  3. Easy to Install Apps and Games manually by the use of APK installer
  4. Easy to customized firmware
  5. Easy to modify Keyboard and remove bloatware
  6. Manage Multiple accounts from Gaming and Emails
  7. Overclock and tweaking is much easier
  8. Allowed you to root and flash custom recovery
  9. Download Mp3 music for free
  10. Customize Boot animation and change launcher
Android Device Cons
  1. Prone to Soft Brick or Hard Brick but can be fix
  2. Void warranty when rooting
iPhone iOS Pros
  1. Good design and High Quality
  2. Excellent features using Apple ID
  3. Lets you add 3 Finger Print Unlock Screen
  4. Secure from data hacking
  5. Smooth Experience and good quality of pictures
  6. easy to shutdown phone when lost or stolen
  7. easy to track phone when lost
iPhone iOS Cons
  1. Allowed 1 SIM only
  2. No SD Card Slot
  3. Non-removable device battery (Although Samsung is now using non-removable battery but other Android device still adopting the removable battery)
  4. No Bluetooth and no Free Mp3 Download
  5. Jail Breaking or Customizing is illegal
  6. unusable when you forgot or lose your apple ID

I know there is a lot of possible things that can be added on what I listed above but that is my observation, so if you feel there is lack or not true but the lists above you can leave a comment below so that I can edit this posts, also if you have opinion or violent reaction regarding this post then I would love to hear that and accept that as part of my blogging change and experience.

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