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Top 5 Best Racing Game for Android (FREE APK MOD)

The Most Recommended Top 5 Best Racing Games

As a gamer one of the most searchable games for Android users is the racing game which is also popular long time ago even in Symbian, Nokia season, Gameboy or even in PlayStation, so here is the TOP 5 Best Racing Games that has the most downloadable and being installed to all of the Android users in Google Play Store.

Frequent Ask Question’s

  • Is the game listed here is FREE?
    – Yes
  • Is there any MOD APK?
    – Yes
  • What is the APK?
    – Well, APK (Android Package Kit) is a file or installer that you can use if you want to manually install certain games or apps, and this is common most especially for those who don’t have any internet connection and they want to download games and apps from internet cafe just to get the APK and install manually.
  • How To Install APK?
    – There are 2 things to remember (1) if you download the APK from your Phone then just tap the APK you download and enable unknown resources to fully installed the APK, (2) if you download the APK from your PC/laptop just simply copy the APK file and connect your Android Phone using USB connector then transfer the APK to internal or external storage, and same process to #1.
  1. Moto Racing 3D – A motorcycle racing game that can be played online and offline. The visual is good and the sound effects. The game has 17 language to choose. There are also different location themes for the road racing. You can customize your bike by paying the corresponding upgrade fees. Customization as follow: Body color of the motorcycle, wheel color and body design. You can also, upgrade the following: Max Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Braking, Nitro. “Moto Racing 3D” has 10 different motorcycles to use with a corresponding price. There are two options for the racing Single Player and Arena. The difference between single player and arena is a single player has only a goal to finish to get through to another level. While the Arena is you have to bid for money then there will be another player from another country to race with you. Overall the game is good, easy to play and quite interesting.
    Moto Racing 3D MOD Game FREE
  2. Trial Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing Games: Mad Bike Race – is a 3D simulation game that offers an extreme mayhem and adrenaline motocross adventure of a motorbike rider. The game also offers to experience a thrill of handling monster bike driving through a variety of treacherous tracks. Making yourself to be a competitive biker and race over all the opponents. This game is perfect to show your skills in handling different motorbike and wrecking your opponents by taking the champion title to any tracks. There are many obstacles waiting on the road that may test your skill and strategy in winning the game.
    Trial Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing Games Mad Bike Race MOD Game FREE
  3. Bike Race Free A motorcycle game that has crazy track and obstacle before you reach the finish line. It is playable either online or offline. Just a simple visual compared to other related game. Sound effects are fine just fine. There are two options to play: Single Player or Multiplayer. Single Player is just to finish each level of every stage. Multiplayer is where you can have raced with other bikes, it can be your friends on Facebook. The sequence will be you will race on who will be the first to reach the finish line. Other option to play is the Tournament and Duel but you have to unlock it first before you can play for it. For the stages, it can be unlocked by collecting stars of every level. There are 17 bikes you can choose to equip and 8 stages to unlock. Overall, this game is perfect if you want to play it with your friends on facebook since it is connected to make it more fun.
    Bike Race Free - Top Motorcycle Racing Games MOD Free
  4. Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag – This game is perfect for those who love quest in a motorcycle. It is a racing game but there is a quest to be finished before you can go through the next stage. There is a tutorial before get it started the real quest, make sure to read it carefully to finish each stage. There are more than 71 bikes to choose from at the shop. You can upgrade the design of your bike and upgrade the parts as well. Since it is a quest game you can only play if you have a fuel where it serves as your life. The visual and sound effects of the game is good. It is easy to play and it is interesting to track the storyline of the game.
    Top Bike Racing & Moto Drag MOD Game FREE
  • Real Bike Racing – A real bike racing game that can be played by free. It is playable either online or offline. 40 stages to unlock and finish. 10 motorcycle bikes to choose and buy, 5 colors to choose for your bike for customization. There is 2 Free available option to choose when playing: the Career and VR mode. The Quick game needs to purchase for able to play that option. It is perfect for those who want to play a game with a real motorcycle bike racing. The sequence of the game is a rank place of every stage. There other bikes that is control by game, where it serves as your opponent. The visual and sound effects are good. And it is quite interesting to play since it more a like a real motorcycle racing.
    Real Bike Racing APK mod Game Free

There are incoming more racing games for Android device, but so far the top 5 best racing games we display above is what Android Crawl Blog recommend for you guys! most especially for those who love to play racing game using their Android Phone which is really convenient and very entertaining, as what others say it is a Time Killer and this is the best for those who wanted to entertain their selves in times of boring hours or even you are traveling, give us your thoughts about all this game below, or if you have any suggestions we are open and love to hear that.

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List of Android Crawl Blog recommended Top 5 Best Racing Games for Android Devices FREE, best graphics and many more.

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