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Top 5 Applications when you have Android Phone

Top 5 Applications when you have Android Phone

Most people used Andriod Phone whatever brand it is, the only important is having an Andriod OS. The only reason why most of the people used Android phone because of its “Free Application” features that can be downloaded on the Playstore. You can download whatever Applications you want as long it can accommodate by your mobile phone. Talking about the Applications, here are the following that is downloadable in Playstore.


Twitter – this application known for following a certain group, particular person, event and etc. This is one the most popular application used by the people all over the world. Every person, particularly for those who have idols in social media, used this as a tool to monitor or have updates in their daily activities. In terms of updates to the happenings all over the world this is the most recommended app to used. This is free for downloaded in Playstore using your Android Phone.


Instagram – most people used this application is those who are in the society that is connected by so many people such as Actor, Actress, popular person or a group. You can share your on-going activities or even planned events by posting it to see the people who are also connected. This is also Free for download in the Play store.


Facebook – this is the common application that everybody are using, This known for its friendly user or super easy to navigate features. There is no particular person or level when it comes to use it because everybody can have it. Facebook is one of the most leading application use now all over the world specifically for those people who already embracing the technology in their lives. The same with the instragram, you can share whatever you want by posting it in the wall. you can follow people by adding them or accepting them as one of your facebook friends. A free application you can download on the Playstore.

Go SMS – this application is a messaging app that you can customize such as Font, Background, keyboard, themes and etc. Most people, particularly Girls, love to customize the appearance of their messaging app to look more cute, cool or whatever mood they have. In terms of customizing your messaging app this application is the best recommended to have. This is also a free for download on the Playstore.

Photo collage – an application you can use for combining more than photo. This app have also the features of photo editing, video editing and selfie Cam. Now a days, most people used this app for combining more than one photo at a time. Because of the picture taking done in a particular one event, it takes time for you to share it in the social media, so it is better to use this as a tool for collage pictures to lessen the difficulty for sharing it in the public by using your social media applications. This application is free for download and easy to navigate in exploring the features contain by it.

Now, you can now decide what is the most useful application having your Android Phone. This 5 applications may be not the most downloadable in the PlayStore but these are the most common apps you can find for having an Android Phones.