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Tips How To Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go

How to catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go starter Gameplay

As we all know Pokemon Go is now the greatest known game all over the country and it is now available in Asia including of-course the Philippines which lots of us are always longing when will be the Pokemon Go release here in the Philippines but now it’s officially available in Google Play Store.

This tips will give you an exact and very cool effective trick on how you can catch Pikachu in a start game play, so if you already play Pokemon Go and catch the other 3 Pokemon that appear when you try to login your google accounts which is (Bulbausur, Charmander, Squirtel), well better luck next time on finding Pikachu, but if you want to have Pikachu on our first time playing Pokemon Go Follow the steps below.

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First Time Game To Catch Pikachu in Pokemon GO Android Game

  • First you need to install Pokemon Go Using your Android Device or IOS device.
  • After Installing you will ask to login using your Google Accounts so choose your best Google Accounts.
  • After that you will need also to customize your character and choose what gender you might be.
  • If your done customizing your character the first thing you need to know is Pokemon Go will ask for your GPS to turn on, and must have a strong internet connection or data.
  • Then you will see a (3) three Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbausur, & Squirtel), now take note that do not catch one of them because you will need to catch Pikachu, just ignore the three Pokemon near you and walk straight if you are in a street or something just walk away for may 500 meters or less untill you see Pickachu near on the three Pokemon.
  • If you see Pikachu tap on it and throw your Pokeball.

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