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Tips on How To Take Good Care Your Android Smartphone Battery (2017)

How to Take Good Care of Your Android Smartphone Battery

Did you once thinking why your Android Phone is having a sudden battery draining when in fact you did use it for about 90% and when you check again it turns into 80% or 75%, well this is one of the frequent question I always ask to all android users and they all have the same question in mind, now let me explain first it to you – Android are designed to have mobile apps keeps running to get real-time notifications from all of your apps installed on your device, let say Facebook App, Twitter or Instagram and many more.

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Why do Apps Need To Run Always on my Android Device?

Lots of android users did not know about this matter and why I am saying this simply because me also in the first place have the same question as yours, now the answer is very tiny but very much important when you have social media apps and all online apps is required to run on your android phone background, it keeps running because when there is an incoming message let just say from facebook apps and someone is like your post or tag you then your android smartphone will notify you that there is new update for your mobile apps, but there are ways to git rid of some apps that are running on your device.

Prevent my Android Smartphone Battery Fast Drain?

There are many ways to do it, and in my case – we will be using Samsung Galaxy J7 2016, take note that it might work to other device so remember that this will make you battery save.

  • First, is Open your Samsung and just simply Long Press The Home Key Button of your Smartphones and you will see a recent apps that you open –  just tap or slide it to the left or to the right to close the recent open apps.
  • You can also install a Greenify Application which will help you to force close or stop the running apps from your background.

Just Make sure that everytime you lock your Android Device you will perform the process on closing all your recent open apps because everytime you open your apps it will keep running from the background so it makes your battery drain fast, and also we will get you through on How To Save Android Battery Using Greenify Complete Guide.

Additional Tips For Saving Your Android Smartphone Battery

  1. If you are not using your android device you can make your phone in silent mode.
  2. When you are using your device at night better decrease the brightness to save more battery and it will also help you avoid direct contact or damage your eyesight.
  3. Do not use vibration if you are in normal days like when you are at home, just use vibration if you have a meeting or in school that you are expecting an emergency call or text.
  4. Avoid Overcharging and most all do not fully drain your battery, if your battery is having a warning sign for at least 15% you can charge it.
  5. Make sure when your Android Phone is at charging mode do not use it on playing games or playing music it may decrease your android device battery lifespan.
  6. Avoid Playing Hard Games if you can, spend only on playing games for at least 30% up to 40% usage.
  7. When you are one of the Pokemon Players and as we all know that this app used Data Connection, WiFi and GPS or any apps you are using that required all of the 3 that I mention make sure you disabled it when you are not using or not important because it will overheat your device and drain your battery faster than normal.

Calibrate your Android Battery

Many of you worrying about fast battery drain.
Do battery recalibration there will be much improvement in battery backup.
Here are steps to follow…..

To recalibrate battery,

  • charge your phone to 100% without interruption.
  • Then discharge it normally till 0%(untill phone gets switched off itself).
  • Charge it to 100% in switched off condition (LED indicator turns green)and keep it in charging (charger connected) for few minutes.
  • Now switch on your phone in charged condition(charger connected) and unplug when Samsung logo appears.
  • Keep the phone unused for 5 mins. you will get far better battery backup????

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