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Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 System Update with March 1 Security Patch

How To Get Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 System Update

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 System Update is now available for all Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Users, The updates of Samsung is not mentioning what are the update but to ensure you that this will improve the stability of your device, if you miss the update of Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 (October Updates) no worries since you will need to get update on that first before you can proceed to this 2017 System updates, take note that this process is available for non-rooted users, now if you already root your device then you need to Flash Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Stock ROM Firmware to fully unroot your android phone and to restore original Firmware.

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What’s New ?

A Software update can include, but is not limited to:

  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
  • New and / or enhanced features.
  • Get Latest Security Patch for March 1, 2017

How To Check Android Updates Manually

This manual update checking is working to all Samsung Galaxy Users, but make sure that you are not rooted, and also make sure that before you update your device you have enough battery capacity for at least 50% above to avoid update interruption.

  • Open your Settings>About device>Download updates Manually, when you are on about device menu just tap “Download updates manually” to start the device on checking your software system update. As you can see below there is also a menu that switch on to Download updates automatically this is very much useful if you have your own WiFi from your home, now if you don’t receive the updates just tap the Download updates manually, after tapping that you will see that the system is now checking the updates.
  • After Checking the update the notification will now displayed and you can now choose whether to Install Now or Install Overnight and you can also choose Later if you decide to update the system later.
  • Final step is when the update is done your device will automatically reboot and it will start to process the updates. before doing the updates make sure that your battery is 50% up, to ensure that there will be no update interruption, just wait until the updates is completed this will automatically reboot and turn on, if your device is on your will see that your device is now updated.


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Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Software Updates.

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