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How to Root Samsung Galaxy J7 Using PC

Root Samsung Galaxy J7 Guide

Rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 Using your PC or Laptop via Odin tool, so basically Samsung Galaxy devices has its own default firmware or stock rom and it has limited permission to users and if you are an advance users and wanted to customize your Samsung Galaxy j7 but first need to root then this guide or tutorial is for you, we will provide instructions on how to root your Samsung Galaxy J7 using only your PC or Laptop via Odin Tool.

This tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy J7, we will not be responsible for any damage of your android device, but this tutorial is tested for many users including us so if you follow this guide correctly you will not get any problem, and if you find hard on following the step or if you have any Follow Up Question’s of it just simply leave a comment below or contact us. Rooting your device will void your warranty so take it at your own risk.

So below are the instructions or guide on how to root your Samsung Galaxy J7 device, take note that you must first backup your application before rooting your android device so that you can restore it anytime. make sure that your battery percentage is aroung 35% to 50% when rooting your device to avoid bootloop or hardbrick, because rooting process must not be corrupted or else your device will be damage, again take it at your own risk.

NOTE: Rooting your device will void your warranty, but there are ways to restore it by flashing the default firmware or stock ROM, if you feel you want to get back in stock rom then click here for flashing stock rom for your Samsung Galaxy J7.


  • Navigate to your Settings>About phone
  • Locate or find Build number then tap or touch it 5 to 7 times until you see the popup “You’re now a developer”
  • After enabling go back to your settings and locate or find Developer Option (you will now see Developer option after tapping or enabling it to build number) and open it.
  • find “OEM Unlocking” and “USB Debugging” enable it by checking the check box on the right side of it (after rooting make sure you disabled it to avoid vulnerable in undefined access of your device).


  • Download first the samsung usb driver here
  • After downloading extract the file and install it, after that you will need to reboot your Windows PC or Laptop first
  • Connect your samsung galaxy j7 device using usb cable and the driver will automatically install for your device

SuperSu file

  • Download UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip file here
  • Connect your device on PC and copy the SuperSu File to your SD Card (external Memory) this is recommended to avoid problem.

Install or Flash Twrp recovery via Odin tool

  • Download Odin v3.10.7 (click here to download) file and twrp custom recovery (click here to download)
  • Extract Odin V3.10.7 and run as adminstrator (right click>run as adminstrator)
  • After installing Odin open it and Click on AP and locate or find twrp- that you download earlier.
  • Switch Off your Samsung Galaxy J7
  • after your device is off boot it via Download Mode:Long press Volume Down+Power+Home buttons at the the same time for 3-4 seconds until it will vibrate after that press volume up and now the download mode is active.
  • When you are in download mode connect your device now in Windows PC or Laptop via USB Cable and get back to Odin Tool.
  • You will see that first box under ID:COM in odin is shaded mean driver properly installed.
  • after that click the Start button on Odin tool.
  • It will few seconds, once its done, you will see green message says “Pass”.
  • After that you are done in installing twrp custom recovery now exit Odin Tool and disconnect your device and turn it ON.

Flasing UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip file to Root your Device

Since we already have a custom recovery installed using Odin tool our next step will be flashing UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip that your download earlier and make sure you place it in your SD Card root directory (not in folder).

  • After successfully flasing custom recovery (twrp) in Odin tool and place the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip in your SD Card Turn Off now your Device and wait until your device is fully turn off (you will feel vibration)
  • Now press and hold  both Power On+Volume Up+ Home hold this until you it will boot up to custom recovery (twrp).
  • Tick on the check box of “Never show this screen during boot again” then swipe to allow modification
  • Storage>browse the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip and install it, and swipe to confirm flashing.
  • after flashing you will see the successful message, after that reboot system.
  • wait until your device will bootup to screen and check if you see superSu apps

Below will be the Odin tool Look Like;

Connect Android Phone and hit AP from Odin Tool Click Start to Flash Stock ROM Odin Tool Odin Tool Complete Flashing

To check if your device is successfully rooted just download root checker on Google Play Store for Free and open it.

Root Checker Android Apps

After successfully rooting your Samsung Galaxy J7 you can now flash any custom rom or add tweaks and install permission application like ROM tool Box,We hope that this guide or tutorial will help you a lot. for more request or you have any question please leave a comment below or contact us directly.


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