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How to Root Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Step by Step

Root Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Complete Guide

Root Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the common things that advance user’s for “Android Phones” are looking for, why? well there is a lot of benefits you can gain, best example is you can customize or flash custom ROM’s in you’re android device, but there is also a disadvantage in rooting your android phone, what is it? well you’re warranty will permanently void, and you will experience a malfunctioning or might hard brick your device.

Disclaimer: Rooting your android phone device will void your warranty and might damaged or hard brick your phones, I am not responsible for any issue you may encounter, do it at your own risk.

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Do This First Before Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

  • Enable USB Debugging
  • If this is your first time to do it then you will need first to enable “Developer Option”, just go to settings and scroll down just tap the “About device”.
  • After tapping About device next step is to scroll down again and you will see a “Software info” just tap on it to open.
  • Next of it you will see the next window same as what the screenshot provided below, you will see a “Build Number”, now tap on it 5 times or more until you see a popup notification that says something like this “You are now a developer”, on my end the developer option is already enabled that is why you will see a popup that says “Developer mode already been turned on”(See Screenshot below).
  • As what I have said if this is your first time to enable developer option you will see a popup notification that says “You are now a developer” after that you will need to go back in to main settings and we’re sure enough that Developer Options is enabled and can now be access, this is very important because we need to enable USB Debugging in order for you to successfully root Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. Now just simply tap the Developer options from your settings to open it.
  • After Opening Developer Option just scroll down and find USB Debugging after that you will notice that there is an ON and OFF  switch at the right side of USB debugging, by default this is off so just tap it once and then it will now turn on (see screenshot below).
  • By the way above the USB Debugging you will see an OEM unlock menu enable it as well to avoid boot-loop or to avoid any issue, this is very important so make sure you enable the “OEM unlock”.
  • Last but not the list of-course you need to install the USB Driver for  your Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 from your PC/Laptop, Just simply connect the USB cable and the driver will automatically scan and install just waitfor the notification that the driver is succesfully installed if not then remove USB cable and try again.

That’s it

Files Needed To Root Your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Complete and Step by Step Guide

  1. Download all files required above.
  2. Now if your done in downloading the required files above next is you need to turn off your device, make sure the battery is 50% above to avoid any circumstances.
  3. Boot to Download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power Buttons at the same time and wait for about 6 to 8 seconds or just until it vibrate and you will see a download mode indicator (watch the video below for demo).


  1. Extract the downloaded Odin tool from your PC and open it, the Odin Tool application will look like the screen shot below.
  2. Connect your Phone to your PC using USB Cable after that the Odin tool will automatically detect you device and you will see an indicator that it is now added in the log.
  3. From Odin Application in your PC just click AP button and select the  Official TWRP recovery file from where you download it (TWRP-3.0.2-1-j7xelte.img.tar) at the left side you will see the OPTION that have a list of check boxes, just disable/Uncheck hte Auto Reboot option and then click START button below to begin the process, don’t remove your device once you start the process this will flash the custom recovery or TWRP recovery, after it is completed just exit the Odin tool Application and disconnect your device (Samsung Galaxy J7 2016) and remove the USB cable (You might need to remove battery first and insert it again). **Known Issues : Samsung encryption is not supported yet in TWRP**
  4. You will also see that to make sure the flashing process from Odin tool is successfull you will see a green indicator that says PASS which means successfully flash the custom recovery.

Connect Android Phone and hit AP from Odin Tool Click Start to Flash Stock ROM Odin Tool Odin Tool Complete Flashing

Next is to Flash The SuperSU v2.78.zip from your fresh installed TWRP recovery

  • First is to transfer the SuperSU v2.78.zip into your SD Card Using your PC after that insert again your SD Card into your phones.
  • Turn Off your android device or mobile phones and boot to custom recovery by just simply pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power Buttons at the same time and wait until you see the custom recovery.
  • Select the “Install Zip” from your TWRP recovery or custom recovery using volume button to scroll down and up and power button for selection.
  • Navigate to the file SuperSU v2.78.zip where you place it in your SD Card and select of it just confirm if there is a confirmation needed, now the flashing process in custom recovery will start wait until it is completed.
  • Final step is to select Wipe Cache, Wipe Data and Wipe Dalvik, after this step select reboot.

NOTE: Sometime’s it will boot for about a minutes just relax and wait, and Phew! you now have successfully root Samsung Galaxy J7 2016.

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