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How to Root Cherry Mobile Flare S4

Root Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Using Stock Recovery

How to Root Cherry Mobile Flare S4

Rooting your Cherry Mobile Flare S4  using stock recovery is now easy, many user’s love to customize their android device but first you are required to root first your device before doing customization like flashing any Custom ROM or any tweaks that will improve the stability of your android device, cherry mobile flare s4 is a good android that is affordable for all Filipino user’s that can’t afford to buy any android device that is more expensive like iPhone and Samsung and many other device, some user’s only looking for android device just for using Facebook app, Messenger and many other application.

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This guide or tutorial is for advance user’s only if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t do this to avoid damage of your Cherry Mobile Flare S4, this guide or tutorial is for Flare S4 user’s only.

Rooting your android device will void you’re warranty or might damage your device so take it at your own risk, we will not be responsible for any cause that might happen to your device, this is tested for many user’s so if you follow correctly the steps then your good to go.

What is the benefit for rooting my device?

So some users asking what is the benefit of rooting, so basically rooting is only intended for developer’s or advance user’s this is not recommended to a beginner, if you are eager to learn how to root your device make sure that you are sure enough that you do research before rooting your device, when you root your device you can customized your android OS like flashing custom ROM, flash tweaks, install android application that is root required.

What is the disadvantage of rooting my android?

The disadvantage of rooting your android device is that you are going to void your warranty, but there is a lot of way that will fix to back or un-root your device, like re-flashing stock ROM.

What is STOCK ROM?

This is the default or the original firmware that is installed on your device, in case you experience bugs or you want to fully back your original firmware then stock rom is the solution, take note that you will need to flash or download stock rom that is only compatible for your device do not try to download or flash any stock rom that is not intended for your android smartphone or else you will get a big problem (hard brick).

Now we will going to download the required files to your cherry mobile amber flare s4 so below are the link on the required files that you need to root your flare s4;

NOTE: If you are using your android device then you need to download MEGAv2 apps in Google Play Store to download the update.zip file.

After downloading the update.zip file just put it place or paste it in the root directory of your SD Card (external storage), you need to have an SD Card to do this to make rooting effective this tutorials or guide is recommend you to put it in root directory of your SD card do not put it in your internal storage or phone memory because it might not detect in stock recovery.

So below are the steps on rooting your Cherry Mobile Flare S4 using only the stock recovery so we assume that you already download the update.zip file and place it to your SD CARD (do not put it in folder just in the root directory), Make sure also that your battery is in 35% or 50% to avoid soft brick or hard brick.

  • First, we are recommend to backup your files, there are lot’s of ways and application in play store to backup your files here are also our guide that might help you click here.
  • Enable Developer options just simply go to your Settings>About device>Build number just tap the Build number multiple times until a popup shows you are now a developer and the Developer Options will be available on the top of About Device in your settings.
  • After you enable Developer Options next is Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking just navigate to Settings>Developer options and enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.
  • Turn OFF your phone and go to stock recovery and hold both power button + volume up(+) until your Cherry Mobile Flare S4 display just release the key if the stock recovery will appear.
  • Now Choose flash update.zip via SD Card
  • Locate the update.zip file from your sd card where you paste it, flash it and then wait until you see it is successfully flash, then choose reboot, now your device is rooted.

To check if your device is rooted you can check it using “Root Checker” apps from Google Play Store download it for free, after downloading run it and just follow instruction on how to check if your device is rooted if it is successfully rooted then you can now customize your Cherry Mobile Flare S4.


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