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OPPO F7 System Update Software Patch for April 2018

OPPO F7 System Update Features April 2018

Oppo F7 System Update was released last April of this year 2018, so if happen that you received this notification then you should update as having this system update give’s you a good benefit for your Oppo F7 such as bugs fixing, patch improvement and many more, so here we will give you some tips why you should update your Oppo F7 to the newest software update.

Oppo F7 System Update Benefits

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Good news to all F7 consumer because you will receive a notification about the newest Oppo F7 System Update, the benefits of this update will give you an update on Latest Security Patch, Fix Bugs, and other system and software performance updates that you should take advantage, for those who did not received yet just simply connect your device to WiFi and this will be automatically detected for you.

CPH1819EX_11_A.10_180510 – This is the build number or shall we say the system software update number of you if you are an F7 user, which is really recommended by the developer of the Oppo company, with a five-star upgrade index, so if you see that update number just go tap install and your system will automatically update it just wait until this is completed.

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Oppo F7 System Software Update
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If you received the notification about Opp F7 System Update that is the feature you will see in the screenshot provided above an update log will be seen as follows;

Recommended Update

This version improves the stability of your system and is recommended for all users. The upgrade index is 5 stars.

Update Log

  1. New Android security patches update.
  2. Adds two system teme in Themes Store, Forest White, and Nebula Purple.
  3. Optimization for camera effects nd stability.
  4. Fixes a random disconnection issue with certain Bluetooth devices.
  5. Fixes overlap display issue in Software Updates interface.
Oppo F7 System Update April
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Take note that you can only avail this update if your device is not rooted, also yo need to be connected on Wifi data connection to download this update and click the button UPDATE NOW that you see on the screenshot that we provided below.


  1. During a software upgrade, it is normal for the temperature of your phone to rise a little, it will recover soon after the upgrade is done.
  2. During the software upgrade, user data will not be deleted or modified.
  3.  Make sure that when you are performing the update you will not force to turn off your device to avoid interruption.
  4. Have at-least 50% of battery capacity when doing this.

We tested the Camera and yes there is a great change and it improves a lot more especially for those who love to take selfie’s this update will have a big benefit to yo, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below using our Disqus comment system, just logged in using your Facebook or Gmail and your good to go, take note that we do not allow link comment as we automatically treat this as spam, we hate spam so please respect and be professional, happy reading.

Oppo F7 Second Update is Now Available

Another good news for all Oppo F7 users, if it happens that you received the Oppo F7 1st Update which is the CPH1819EX_11_A.10_180510 well get ready for the second System update which also improves your Android Device, the System update is CPH1819_11_A.14_180523.

If your device is connected to wifi the new system update will automatically detect and it will show up from your status bar, but if you did not receive it yet then just simply connect your device from WiFi or data and go to Settings>Software Update (see screenshot provided below).

Oppo F7 2nd System Update Settings

The update is to improve the stability of your device and there is a 2 list of update benefits you can get as follows;

  • Optimizes the sensitivity of the touchscreen.
  • System enhancement and bug fixes.

Oppo F7 2nd System Update version

Oppo F7 2nd System Update now Oppo F7 2nd System Update Status Bar

Date Updated: June 1, 2018