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Download MyPhone My33 Custom ROM (Asus ZenGo ROM)

Asus ZenGo Custom ROM for MyPhone My33

If you are looking for a custom ROM of MyPhone My33 then this is for you since this custom ROM is inspired with a look and feel UI of Asus ZenGo ROM, so of-course before you can install or flash this MyPhone My33 Custom you need to root first your MyPhone My33 device, now make sure that you have an advanced idea how to root your device and that you read the “Things You Need To Know About Your Android Device” and also make sure that you also consider that Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting your Android Phone.

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Rooting and Flashing Custom ROM or Tweaking to any Android Phone has a huge disadvantage and might leads to a permanent brick, or you might be encountered bugs, Android Crawl Blog is not responsible for any damage you will encounter during flashing this Custom ROM, the only solution for that is to Re-flash Stock ROM firmware, also flashing custom ROM will void your Warranty so DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Features for This Custom ROM

Working Features

  • Dual SIM
  • Wifi
  • Hotspot
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio (Good Volume, You can try to setup a party with a lot of ravers)
  • Sensors
  • Camera (photo and video recording)
  • GPS
  • FMRadio (Earphone only)
  • Offline Charging
  • Bluetooth audio
  • OTG

Known Bugs

  • Smart Cover not working
  • No Gestures
  • No LAG
  • No Battdrops
  • Theme Supported but it fails when you try to download
Name: MyPhone My33 Custom ROM
Filename: ZenUI_My33_Raf.zip
Filesize: 659.0 MB
All ROM’s, Custom ROM’s, APK and any other files is own by the respective owner so big credit to them, if you are the author or owner of the file please leave a comment below so can give proper credit.

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Download MyPhone My33 Custom ROM – Asus Zenfone GO Feel



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