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(Legacy of Discord) Most Popular Games of All Time for Android

Legacy of Discord Popular Online Games


Legacy of Discord is getting popular since it was being released for all android users in play store, this is free to download in Google Play Store, in Philippines lots of filipino users love to play this game with its unique game strategy. There are 3 types of hero to choose when you are first running this game you will choose need of course to login using your Google Account, Facebook, Twitter or even play as guest, after that you will also need to choose what server you want to enter if you want join a popular guild team you need to unlock it first and then search for popular guild team but before that you need to choose a server if you are in asia you can select server “HKT-156” this is one of the biggest and most popular server in asia.

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There are 3 types of heroes to choose from, with different capabilities, talent and skills so below are the list of the hero with their corresponding Master of expertise.

  • Berserker – The Master of fire domineering man who is the legend of the warrior.
  • Bladedance – The Master of lightning cold and mysterious, his weapon can bring the call of the death!
  • Sorceress – The Master of frost, holy and sexy, dominate the battlefield with powerful magical mirror.

Now that you decide what hero you will choose then just simply tap the button at the bottom right of the screen of your Android Device and the game will now loan then just follow the instruction, the good thing about this game is it can also aut combat in which you will only activate it when you reach or unlock this feature, but be careful because sometimes auto combat might killed your hero easily just activate it if you are confident enough that your hero is much stronger than the enemy.

Play now and enjoy together with your friends.



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