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Last Day On Earth Survival APK Latest Version + Guide

Experience and Get Last Day On Earth Survival APK

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Last Day on Earth: Survival is a MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game has the current update version of 1.7.3 last February 3, 2018 on Beta mode. This game can be played neither PC or Mobile Android phones. Last Day on Earth: Survival can be download via Google Play Store for Android phone just for FREE or also you can get the Last Day On Earth APK Mod here at Android Crawl.

The aim of Last Day on Earth: Survival is to stay alive and survive no matter what and as long as you can to shoot and kill walking zombies. This game is quite confusing especially for those who don’t have the idea of what is game all about and how to play it. Last Day on Earth: Survival is not the same like the other Android games. There are no quest and instructions or mission to follow to level up. The only mission on the game of Last Day on Earth: Survival is to be alive and survive whatever places you are in and kill all the zombies to clear the area.

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last day on earth survival apk mod

Every area you can find a box or anything that contains medicine, weapons and materials that will help you to survive on the game. The player should collect food as medicine to add lifespan of the avatar. Some weapon may be given by FREE by finding it and some have requirements for you to obtain the weapon. Killing all the zombie and secure the area is the number 1 objectives of the game.

A best strategic game to play for fighting zombies. Secure the area, kill all the zombies, build up your own base to be safe and survive the hostile area where both dead and alive will attack you.

Download Last Day On Earth Survival APK + MOD

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Last Day On Earth Survival APK OBB Data File is not own or hosted by Android Crawl Blog, we just included it here for fun, big credits to the uploader and to the Kefir!.

Game Name: Last Day on Earth: Survival
Current Version: 1.7.3
Category: Action
File Size: 119.4 MB

Publish Update: February 3, 2018
Offered By: BoomBit Games
Required Android Version: 4.1 and up
Download Last Day On Earth Survival APK [GET HERE]

What Are The Pros and Cons of This Game?

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As what we have observed on this game, it has a good factor of ideas in terms of concepts and other stuff such as quest and building  a house to protect the avatar or the character of the game against the intruders such as Zombie or any other bad guys, the only problem we encountered is listed below.


Graphics and visual
Sound effects and background
Sequence of the game
Level of difficulty
Strategic game


No clear instructions on how to play the game
No objective or mission to follow on how the game should be done

Watch The Video Listed Below for the Gameplay

Stay tune and get updated by simply book marking our website to see the latest video updates or gameplay of Last Day On Earth: Survival, we will keep updating this page for you to keep updated, the game is still on beta but hopefully soon there is a new update for this game. also don’t forget to Subscribe to this YouTube ChannelBryizz07” to see more of this game and follow the how this game works.

Last Day On Earth: Survival #1 – My First Gameplay, Crafting, Killing Zombie

The Video above is the first thing you will see when you start the game, and as you can see that there is no walk-through how this game works so if you are a gamer you can analyze the game, by simply reading all the guides, building and crafts important tools for the avatar to survive, but as we said earlier this is one of the cons that we see, but we pretty sure by the next update this will be fix or added on the game, if you love our gameplay please support us by simply sharing this post to your friends, and follow us on our Facebook page as well as subscribe us to our YouTube channel.

Last Day On Earth: Survival #2 – Survive Starving and Thirsty, Craft Garden

On This video we will learn how to get  stone, lumber and other resources, the avatar start to get thirsty and this is the next thing we need to solve, this video you will learn also how to craft a garden to get a daily food, we will also need to visit other players on the map to get some foods or get some items that we need to survive, and make sure to bring some empty bottles or get bags to carry foods, clear all the hostile places to get to the next area.

Last Day On Earth: Survival #3 – Find Water, Build House, Scavenge

At last this video here will start building an initial house, this will help the avatar protect from attackers like zombie, so make sure that you build your own perfect house, and also it helps if you add a traps for the attackers, this time we learn that we can get water by simply checking on market, and then hit inbox to get water, but soon, on the next video we will show you how to build a source of water so stay tune and don’t forget to subscribe.

Take note that you can also get the Last Day On Earth Survival APK Mod to test the game, there is a lot of sources that you can get such as unlimited money and so on, but we challenge you to start playing this game without any cheats, so that you can experience how fun this game is.


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Best APK FREE MOD Game - 84%
Highly Recommended for all gamers - 93%



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