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Important Things You Need To Know Before Rooting Your Android Device

Why Do Android Users Want to Root Their Device?

There are different reasons for every Android users why they love to root their device, despite for many consequences they are going to face and lots of issues might be encountered during the rooting process.
First things first we will discuss “What is rooting?” well a very simple logic and most common questions for every android beginners, rooting is the process for advanced users or developers to customize the default firmware and also it will let give you the privilege to gain root access so that you can fully control your Android Smartphone.
Remember that there are so many problems you will need to know and this is very important for those who wanted to root their device, we at AndroidCrawl.com and other android bloggers provide a step by step rooting process for specific Android model and brand, yes there are different ways and procedure on how to root your device on a specific guide, now do not try to root your device if you don’t know what you’re doing.
As we always mention on Every rooting tutorial we made here that when you root you are responsible for issues you might be encountered that is why we always remind you “Do it at your own risk” actually there is a good benefit we can get when rooting our device but of course you need also to know the consequences you will encounter which is listed below;
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The risk for Rooting Android Phone

  • Void your Android Phone Warranty
  • Encountered Signal problems
  • Bugs for Custom ROM
  • Issues for Battery Heat
  • Bootloop
  • Deadboot
  1. Void your Android Phone Warranty – Every Android smartphone has their own Warranty which let consumer to avail when they have issues encountered from your device, and it will void your warranty once you root your device, so if your willing to void your warranty and you know the risk of rooting then you are good to go.
  2. Encountered Signal problems – Some users might encounter signal problem especially when flashing custom ROM.
  3. Bugs for Custom ROM – Now this is the main reason why users of Android phone wanted to root their device, but of course custom ROM has a huge factor in terms of custom design and other feature which is not available in Stock ROM firmware, but the problem about this is there are always bugs that developers of custom ROM can’t fix and yes there is no perfect CUSTOM ROM, so always expect bugs for every custom ROM you flash.
  4. Issues from Battery Heat – The good thing about rooting is that you can add tweaks and one of this is to improve performance etc, but there are some Android users encountered heating phone after rooting device so make sure you know how to manage this issue.
  5. Bootloop – This is one of the top problems of beginners and even for those who have a lot experience e of rooting, this happens when you flash custom ROM firmware and it always stuck up at booting process forever, the only solution is to repeat the process or flash the Stock Rom Firmware.
  6. -Deadboot – You better care when you perform rooting and flash custom ROM because it might end up your device to deadboot, this is the big problems for all rooted device especially when beginner tries to flash Custom ROM from another device, so make sure you only flash Custom ROM that is compatible with your smartphone, take note that flashing custom ROM is not the issue as long as you follow instruction.

What are positive things when Android Phone is rooted?

Well there is a lot of good benefits when rooting their device, as you all know rooting will gain you a full access privilege and will able to do as follows;
  • Remove Bloatware – This is the default apps installed on your Android device which is not really usable for some users, and eat up more space which is also the main reason why low spec device experience a full memory storage and prevent you from installing new apps or games, so removing this without root access is not allowed even uninstalling the apps is prohibited so with the help of root access you can now remove the bloatware using some tools like Titanium Backup, Root Explorer and many more.
  • Flash Tweaks and Custom ROM – let you flash custom ROMS with the specific Android Brands.
  • Customized Message – Yes, you can modify or force install custom apps that will also let you adjust messaging font size, font-family, add a background with your preferred photo.
  • Change Booting Animation – Booting animation if the animation you see when you turn on your Android device and with the power of rooting privilege you can now flash custom boot animation for your smartphone.
  • Improve battery and Performance – Yes you can improve battery performance and lessen background battery usage for specific apps that use your phone which also causes battery drain.
  • Fully Backup Your Firmware and other important apps – Well, the big advantage of having a root access is that you can fully back up your firmware, all apps, and games and place it in a safe place like SD card or external hard drive, and restore them back again any time you want, the popular tools for backup your data and firmware is Titanium Backup (take note that this app works only if you are a rooted users).
There are so many things to talk about and this is the quick guide about the rooting, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.