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Tutorial on How To Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers from Windows PC

How To Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers for Windows PC

How Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Android Debug Bridge or ADB is very much useful for Android Developer and Advance Android users who always doing some tweaks or flashing custom recovery or firmware for their device, both “ADB & Fastboot” is essential for any custom process for Android Phones such as flashing custom recovery (TWRP, CWMR), flashing Custom ROM and other modifications, also there are too many Android Phones that requires nothing about setting up ADB and fastboot, most common device uses ADB and fastboot tool is the Sony and Nexus Phones.

Android Crawl Blog gives you a step by step tutorial on how you can setup or Install ADB and Fastboot drivers to your PC or Laptop that is running Windows Operating System this process is tested using Windows 7 and Windows 10, just make sure you follow all the things we provided below, and if you have any clarification about the tutorial below please leave a comment.

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Tutorial On How To Setup or Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers Using Windows PC

  • Download The  Android SDK tools to the Android Development Website
  • To make the ANDROID SDK works, you need also to install JAVA from your Windows PC, you can get the JAVA SE Development Kit 8 from the official website and while you install the Java make sure that you selected all the options and set it by default.
  • Once Java is Install you can now proceed on running the Android SDK and just complete the installation process.
  • After you installed the ANDROID SDK MANAGER, just run this application and you might see an option you need to choose, now just select the required only features for Android SDK Platform-tools, and then jut search from Google the USB Drivers, it’s free guys.
  • Once the Installation of the Package is started you will now see the logs of the Installation process from Android SDK application.

How to install or setup ADB and Fastboot drivers

  • As you can see on the screenshot you will see at the bottom the word that says ‘Done Loading Packages’, this message means that ADB and Fastboot drivers are now successfully installed on your Windows PC or laptop.

done loading packages ADB and Fastboot drivers

  • After that, we can now proceed on checking if the installed drivers are working by simply connecting your Android device from your PC or Laptop computer using your USB Chord Connecter, now the computer will automatically scan and detect required USB drivers.
  • Congratulations! you have successfully installed the ADB drivers and Fastboot Drivers, this two is essential for making some Tweaks of your Android Phones, for you to use the  fastboot to modify something from your device all you have to do is to boot your device into fastboot mode which is commonly known from Samsung as DOWNLOAD MODE.

How to Flash Custom Recovery or Custom ROM on Android Using Fastboot

  • After you boot your device to Fastboot mode, just open and go to the ANDROID SDK Manager directory and open platform-tools i.e: C:\Android-SDK-Manager\platform-tools.
  • Next, is to copy the 3 files from the Platform-tools folder (See image below).

adb files copy 3

  • Now get back to your Local Disk Drive C: and then create a new folder and just named the folder as “Fastboot”. then open that folder and past the 3 files you copied (adb.exe, fastboot.exe, ADBWinApi.dll).
  • Now go to your PC or Laptop Desktop then press Shift + Right Click from the open desktop and select OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE or OPEN POWERSHELL WINDOW HERE.

Open Command Prompt

  • after that just type the command from the PowerShell or Command Prompt like this “cd c:\fastboot”, remember that this is the folder we created earlier from the local disk C:.
  • Now get your Android Device and just turn it off and then Boot to Fastboot or download mode.
  • Then after that connect your device to your PC or Laptop.
  • For you to flash an specific image such as Custom Recovery using fastboot, you need to type another command using Command prompt that you open earlier, so for example if your image file name is recovery.img then from the command prompt your will type in like this “Fastboot Flash Boot Recovery.img”

Take note that if you are not familiar on commands and wanted to see a list of it just type in the command like this “fastboot help” and hit return or enter key from your keyboard, this command will show you all the list of fastboot commands with an instructions indicated, so that it guys this is the complete and step by step process on how you are going to install or setup ADB and fastboot drivers as well as flashing custom recovery.


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A complete guide for Installing and setting up ADB and Fastboot Drivers for all Windows PC or Laptop.

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