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How To Get MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage

MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage Guide

MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage is one of the best solutions for all MyPhone Rio Fun users, because of its low internal storage, so today we will be going to show you how you can set the internal unlimited storage  in step by step guide, as we all that this device is too old but there are still users who wanted us to make this tutorial, so without any further explanation we will start doing the process.

MyPhone Rio Fun Specs

MyPhone Rio Fun Specs

Type Smartphone Shape Bar
OS Android OS ver Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
SIM Dual Standby CPU Speed 1.3GHz Dual Core
Storage 0.5GB RAM 0.5GB
External Storage 32GB
Display Size 5inches Resolution 854 x 480
Main Camera 3.2 MP Front Camera 0.3 MP
Features Bluetooth

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Things You Need To Have Before Doing The Process

Make sure that all the files needed for doing this process are ready and that you have at least 60% or 80% battery percentage remaining to avoid any issues while doing the process.

Memory Card 4 Giga Bytes Up
Rooted Device
Root Explorer APK

You can also google this app if you want, and also Root Explorer and Link2SD will fully work when your device rooted so make sure your device is already rooted.

Steps On Doing The Unlimited Internal Storage

  • Perform a backup using Custom Recovery MODE or CWMR you can google this one if you don’t have a custom recovery yet.
  • Boot your device into Recovery Mode by simply turning off your MyPhone Rio Fun and then press or hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button for a couple of seconds until your device will vibrate and the recovery and factory mode appear.
  • Then after that please select the
    Recovery mode
    Partitioning SD Card
    Choose 1024 or 2048
    Swap size: 0
    Partition Type: ext4
  • Then Choose Reboot
  • Next thing you need to do is to install the apps Link2SD open it and then there is a popup window that will show (ext2,ext3,ext4, etc.) then choose ext4. Grant SuperSu 
    (Mount Script Created etc.) should appear.
    If not try to proceed step 1 again. If still not created,
    your MMC was the problem. It depends in your MMC 
    and I suggest you use mmc with Class 4 and up.
  •  Install the Android app  Root Explorer then folder data/sdext2  check the box of sdext2 change owner/
    owner- 1000
    group- 1000
    then hit or click OK
  • Then next thing you need to do is to set permission of sdext2  to rwxrwx–x
  • Navigate to the root folder/data then copy the 5 folders (app, app-lib, app-private, dalvik-cache, data) and paste the copied folder to data/sdext2
  • Now go and check all the 5 folders you copied earlier and click option Link To This Folder, then go back to DATA or click back button and then tap CREATE LINK now there is a popup that will show asking OVERWRITE just tap YES, the same process to all the folder.
  • Now Reboot your device.

MyPhone RIO FUN unlimited Storage

As you can see your internal storage memory use turns to negative.

Congratulations! you now successfully completed the guide, if you have any clarifications please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, or if you want to share your additional procedure, you can submit yours to get a chance expose your name on our blog just use our Contact Us page, cheers!


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Turn your device to unlimited internal storage for your MyPhone RIO Fun.

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