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Hack Pokemon Go For iOS User No Need JAILBREAK

How To Hack Pokemon Go Using iPhone iOS Device Without JAILBREAKING


Hack Pokemon go is just for fun, now if you want to play fair game then just play a normal Pokemon go game, in this hack guide for all iOS users just simply follow the instructions below to use this Pokemon Go Hack.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any issues you might encounter including permanent ban in Pokemon Go app game, we only posted this for fun, do it at your own risk.

Current Status : Working
Version: Latest Pokemon Go 1.7.0 Buddy System

Credit: EverythingApplePro

Pre-requisite files:

  • PC with iTunes Application Installed
  • Cable
  • iPhone mobile device ofcourse

Download Files Needed


You need first to uninstall your current Pokemon Go that already installed from your iPhone mobile device before proceeding this steps and after 7 days of using this Pokemon Go hack this will not work so you need to repeat the step again so it is needed every 7 days.

Steps on How to Hack Pokemon Go Using your iOS Device

  • Extract Cydia Impactor from your PC and make sure you don’t run this as (RUN AS ADMIN) just simply install it.
  • Send to Desktop the Pokemon Go Prehacked.
  • Now Open it and Login your apply ID, you will see a warning notification ignore it and click OK.
  • Navigate to your Settings>General>Device Management>Select your Apple ID>just tap and click trust.
  • Last but not the list Go to Pokemon Go app game just open it to start playing and you will notice that there is a Circle Joystick from the Pokemon Go app now if you see this joystick it means that the hack is now working 🙂 cheers!.

Enjoy Playing Pokemon Go, this is only for fun so we are strongly recommend you to play fair on this game.


  • Never run too fast in a far distance of place or else Pokemon Go app will trigger that you are cheating so just simply walked and get through the other Poke-stop slowly.
  • Don’t put your Top Pokemon Go that has a BIG CP or else fair Pokemon go player will question it and will lead you to ban.
  • Don’t catch Pokemon when you are running too far away distance, but you can spin in Poke Stop, when your spinning and no item received this means that your SOFT BANNED, don’t worry just wait for 10mins or more and this will get back to normal or just spin the Poke stop fourty times (40) to recover from being soft banned.



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