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Download Rules of Survival APK and PC Version FREE

Play and Enjoy Rules of Survival APK for Android or for PC Windows

FREE Rules of Survival APK and PC Game

Rules of Survival APK FREE Game from Google Play store, This is one of the most trending and top playable game for Android Device and PC this year of 2018, and this is similar to the world popular survival game called “Player’s Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG”, the sad thing about PUBG is that you can only play the game if you purchased it from steam, so the best alternative survival is here, and you can absolutely play this via your Android Smartphone or even your Windows PC.

If you are looking for an interesting game you can play and enjoy this game from Solo, Survival, and even Group survival, so this is why the game is so interesting and unique from other game, take note that this game RULES OF SURVIVAL APK is Free or you can install it from Google Play Store.

Where to Download Rules of Survival ?

There are 2 different ways to install and play this game from your Android Device, and take note that you can upgrade and get some instant cool items, and other unique clothes and design for your avatar player, you can switch to female and male before the game, so below are some option how to download this game to your Android Smartphone.

  1. Get this game from Google Play Store for FREE (Link is already provided above)
  2. Get APK installer to install Rules of Survival APK here at AndroidCrawl

Now the next version is how you can download the game using your Windows PC or Laptop, well yes you can play this game using your Big Screen Computer, as long as you have internet connection you are good to go, Download the Rules of Survival for PC Here for FREE, now once you are done downloading the PC version all you have to do is to install this game from your PC and run the game.

Game Name: Rules of Survival
Current Version: 1.133051.136949
Category: Action
File Size: 776.5 MB

Publish Update: February 13, 2018
Offered By: NetEase Games
Required Android Version: 4.0 and up
Download Rules of Survival APK [Click Here]

How To Acquire Rules Of Survival Account ?

If you are asking how you can save your game progress, well you can’t play this game without any of the following social media account provided below.

Once you already login using any 1 of the account we mention above then please proceed to server selection if you are in Asia then use Asia location server and start the game.

How Do Rules of Survival Works?

If you are playing using your Android Device then the first time you played will guide you through how the game works, and you need to learn the very basic of having some weapons, and other stuff that is necessary for your to survive.

Now if you are using your PC the first thing you will encounter is the guide because PC version don’t give you a direct tutorial how this game works so please read all the list we provided below for the guide on how this game works.

  1. Game Loading – while the game is loading you can control your avatar once pick some weapons for testing and you can punch, crawl, jump and walk around the area where your avatar is standing during the loading of the game.
  2. Once the countdown is done you will see and airplane where you are inside of it, you will see at the top right corner of your screen how many player is playing on your session.
  3. Once you see and icon of “F Drop with Parachute image” then you will now able to jump off the plane and look for any areas that you think it is safe.
  4. Then once you are in a location you will need to scavenge a rifle, grenade, bag, helmet, armor, and any other stuff that you can carry that will help you to survive on this game.
  5. If you play on a group or duo we suggest you to stick together and watch each other’s back, it is best if you play with your team with mic or near beside you to have a nice tactic.
  6. As you can see on the top left Corner there is a MAP when you see the countdown is around 3 minutes, so always check the map by pressing “M” to see if you are at the safe zone (White Circle on the MAP) , once the countdown below the map is run out you will need to enter at the safe zone carefully without any other player noticing you, as much as possible you will do CRAWLING or Pressing C to avoid making some noise because you will be detected by the enemies compass.
  7. Compass – you will see it at the top center corner of your screen, this will indicate where is the location of the enemy if you hear some footsteps or some gun shots.
  8. There are a random Bomb area which you need to avoid, if you are on the spot area of bomb site (Red Square on the map) then go enter at the house.
  9. There is also a random dropping of items in which you can get a good items such as long telescope, sniper rifle, camouflage dress and many more, but be careful because players are always aiming this item so it is best also if you are not directly go on that item, but if you are fast enough just go and swiftly and get the item.
  10. The safe zone circle will getting smaller, so make sure you are always on the safe zone corner because the so called “Radiation” a green color will drain your life if you are near of it so as much as possible you keep yourself at the safe zone.

If you are interested on this game please watch a Gameplay of Rules of Survival from our YouTube Channel, and learn how this game really works to see and get some effective strategy for you to survive, if you are familiar with the PUBG game then you will really enjoy also this game.

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