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All about Android Topics will be tackled here and what are the important thins to do when you have your own Android Phone, how you are going to take good care of it, how to optimized, and improve your Android device.

List of Oppo Software Updates (All Oppo Series) Latest Firmware

List of Oppo Software Updates (All Oppo Series)

Latest Oppo Software Updates All Devices Recently Oppo F9 is launch and with brand new specs and strong camera features, and this brand of Android phone build a crowd worldwide even here in the Philippines, as the matter of fact since Oppo devices released they kick out the popular local …

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Important Things You Need To Know Before Rooting Your Android Device

Why Do Android Users Want to Root Their Device? There are different reasons for every Android users why they love to root their device, despite for many consequences they are going to face and lots of issues might be encountered during the rooting process. First things first we will discuss …

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus Specs, Features and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus Specs

Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus Updates Samsung Galaxy is always making a huge surprise for every consumer when they released a new version of Smartphone’s, and now we are going to introduce you the new Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus, now currently this device is not official announce as we created this post …

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Why Android Is Better Than iPhone iOS 2017

why Android Is Better Than iPhone

Is Android Better than iPhone? There are a lot of reasons why I wrote this topic, I know iOs iPhone users will get mad if they found this posts and read my opinion, but honestly I did not mean to break the barrier from Android OS to iPhone, I admit …

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10 Reasons Why Samsung Smartphone Is The Best

Why Samsung Smartphone is the best reviews

Top 10 Reason Why You Should choose Samsung Smartphone Samsung is now one of the biggest smartphone markets worldwide, and I am telling you that they have a great user experience and that they always depend on what users wanted or needed when it comes to Smartphones they will surpass you …

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How To Get MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage

MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage Tutorial

MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage Guide MyPhone Rio Fun Unlimited Internal Storage is one of the best solutions for all MyPhone Rio Fun users, because of its low internal storage, so today we will be going to show you how you can set the internal unlimited storage  in step by …

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