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[Updated]Best Security Application for your Private Photos, Apps and Messages

Best Security Application to Hide Videos and Images

Try this amazing best security application called “VAULT”, that I always used since I have bought my android phone, whether we like it or not every person have their own secret’s or privacy’s that they don’t want other’s to find out, of-course in my case I am using this application because my brother and my sister get my phone when I am fall asleep just to play games or take selfies and sometime’s I get mad because the are using my android phone to just play games, and one of the main reason why I love this application is that it can lock my bank application like RCBC and PayPal, so I highly recommend this application because it has the most powerful and awesome feature’s that I believe will get you satisfy.

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I only use basic feature’s of Vault because I am only after with the feature’s of locking my bank application and some of stolen video’s, but Vault have a Pro version which is more advance than basic but you can use it for free in basic version, you can download vault in Google Play Store, here is the list of the top feature’s of vault;

  • Photos & videos protection: All files will be stored in a safe place and can only be viewed in Vault after a numeric passcode is entered.
  • Contacts/SMS/Call logs protection: Allows users to create “private contacts”, whose messages and call logs will be hidden from the phone screen – Vault also hides all incoming message alerts and texts from those contacts.
  • App Lock: Apps that you choose will be protected with a password. Premium users can select an unlimited number of apps to lock.

So once you are done downloading the “Vault”  application we are going to open it, and then at first glance after you installed it you will ask to set up your password, make sure that the password is not familiar with anybody just you don’t worry if you forgot your password you can recover it via your email account so you must setup password for your password recovery.

  • Install Vault From Google PlayStore
  • After Downloading /Installing Vault Open It
  • At first glance you will see this, click start, you will ask to set your vault password
  • Confirm your password by typing it again
  • After setting-up password click next

you will see the benefits of the premium of you wish to buy click “YES” if not and try only basic click “No Thanks”

After you are done on setting-up your password and confirm it you will hear the camera sound and it will display the Premium benefits of Vault application if you are planning to buy this click yes or if you wish to test this or try basic version click the button on the left “No, thanks” then you are good to go you will now see the main GUI (Graphical User Interface) of vault application. so first I am going to show you the premium benefits or the advance feature of this application below;

Advanced Features

Create a decoy to protect the real one. If someone insists on seeing the secrets stored in your Vault, just show them the “fake” one. Put photos that are ok for others to see in your fake Vault, and keep secret data protected in your real one.

Hide Vault icon on the phone’s Home screen. When stealth mode is activated, the icon will disappear and can be opened again by entering your password via the phone dial pad.

Snaps a picture of anyone who enters the wrong password in an attempt to access your Vault, without letting the intruder know. This feature requires an Android 2.3 (or higher) device with a front-facing camera.

Back up your files to NQ’s cloud space.

Supported languages

Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil

I love to test this feature but for now I can’t afford it but just read this awesome feature but if you can why not you can buy it, So let’s proceed now in the functions or features of this great application, so first if you want to hide photos here is the step below (see screenshots), Now click the camera icon or Photos then you will see your gallery if not just click the plus icon on the top right of the GUI. At First you will be prompt if you wish to import photos to hide from your gallery and securely save it in your vault application, so click start then you will be redirected to your gallery, and just simple tap the image / photo you want to hide.

Live Video Demo Of “Vault” Best Security Application

How To Hide Videos Using Vault

After selecting your choice of image that you want to hide from your mobile or android phone gallery just simple tap the import button below, and your photos will not be seeing in your gallery you check it in your gallery and see it for your self. so next is hiding videos, so its more likely the same in hiding photos, so in the main GUI of Vault Application click the “Videos” and you will be seeing the  list of your videos and now tap the video’s you want to hide, you will notice that if you tap the videos you want to hide the check icon will be display it indicates that the video is selected after that tap the “Import” button below it, after tapping the import button your videos is now secure and it will not be seen in the gallery or File Manager, NOTE: your videos must be save on internal memory so that the vault will totally hide it because if you will save the video in SD Card or External Memory the video that you want to hide will not be secure or hidden from gallery it is because of the external or Memory Card permissions or security, so if you want to hide videos securely better move this first in internal memory.

How to Lock Application Using Vault

So this is my favorite part because I love this application because of this feature in login application in my case I am mostly locking my bank application like PayPal and RCBC, We know that there is a lot of application other than this but this is mostly I use, so right now if you want only an application that will lock your application I suggest to try download LOCX App Lock Photo Safe Vault it has a feature of locking more than 5 application’s but it only locks application, unlike Vault application it has multi-feature that’s why I really love using this one, but take note that Basic user of Vault has a limit on locking apps for only 5 application so if your looking only for locking application just try the Lock App Lock Photo, so now let’s proceed on locking your application, again go to main GUI (Graphical Interface User) of Vault Application and hit “App Lock”, then after that you will prompt two option’s the first one is Basic App Lock and the second one is Camouflage App Lock which is available in Pro Version so just choose only Basic App Lockand hit “OK”, now you will see the list of your installed application, just tap the right box icon next to the application you want to lock and the check icon will be display note that you can only lock 5 application in basic version so choose wisely or else you will prompt to upgrade it to Pro, just choose “No, Thanks” and then hit the “Lock” button below, now you will try to exit and access the application you lock and as you can see you will ask to input your password, isn’t it awesome right, so I hope this post helps you a lot guys.

Frequently Ask question: What if someone trying to open and attempt to type any guessing password?

That sounds good question because of me too I always ask that, and good to know that vault application has the feature to Identify and get a hidden stolen shots of the person who is attempting to access your lock application or trying to open Vault. you can see it in the main menu of Vault on the top right near the yellow diamond icon click the (3 dots) and you will see the option, Now tap the option “Break-in Attempts” beside the settings icon. you will see the list of an image trying to open vault or trying to open some of your application, Note that in your fist setting up of password you will hear the camera shutter right? then that is a stolen shot, you can see your image their also as it is the first time test of stolen shot, awesome right if you like this app again you can buy it but for me, I use it for basic only in almost 2 years since I have my Samsung android phone.

Thank’s for stopping by here guys, enjoy reading and I hope that we help you with this post, if you have more queries, suggestion or any correction regarding my post you cant contact us,

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