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Best Root Explorer for Android Device 2016

The Best Root Explorer for your Android Device in 2016

Root Explorer is use for all rooted device that is needed for viewing system files like changing boot animation, editing build.prop, pushing apps to system, removing bloatware and many other things that might required this application tool, so we will listed you the most well known and usually installed root explorer for all rooted android devices, to all non-rooted devices you can also used this but you can’t edit or modify any in system files, so we suggest you to be rooted first.

Rooting your device will void your warranty, and this is only intended for advance user’s. Removing any on system files might damage your device, so take it at your own risk.

Explorer – This is useful in organizing for your internal storage, external storage as well as your system files (root required), lot of awesome feature’s are listed on this device, so below are feature’s of Explorer Apps (Credits to Google Play Store and the Developer).


• Multiple tabs – Easily navigate between different locations by swiping or clicking on a tab
• Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Network (SMB) support
• Multiple themes (Light, dark and home wallpaper)
• Built in Text Editor
• Create and extract zip or tar files
• Extract rar archives
• Perform long running operations (e.g. copy, move) in the background
• Stream video and audio files from network and cloud to media player applications
• Create home screen shortcuts to files and folders
• Customisable icon sets
• Send files (via email, bluetooth etc)
• Built in SQLite database viewer
• Bookmark frequently used files and folders
• Search function
• “Open With” facility allowing files to be opened as a generic type or by using specific apps
• View file and folder properties including size, date, MD5 checksum

This explorer apps is frequently use for all advance devices group in Facebook, that is intended for modifying system files, you can download this for free in Google Play Store.

Download Free Version Download PRO Version

Root Browser – is mostly use by all advance Filipino user’s because of it’s good and friendly user’s root apps for all rooted devices, it is more the best in controlling systems and manage the whole files system, this apps is also included in ROM Tool Box Tools that is also have a lot of feature’s. (Credits to Google Play Store and the Developer).

Two file manager panels

  • Batch copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, move any file or folder
  • Explore apk, rar, zip & jar files
  • Change file permissions and ownership
  • View and edit any file
  •  sqlite explorer
  • Move, copy, rename, and delete files.
  • Create and delete directories (folders).
  •  Send files by email.
  • Add new files & folders in any directory
  •  Install zips using clockwork recovery
  • Execute script files
  • Show list of files with thumbnails for images.
  • Bookmark any folder
  • Open files and folders with other apps
  •  Change the theme (double tap home button)
  •  Sort by name, size & date
  • Extract single files from zip/apks/jars
  • Search for files or folders

This is best for managing android system files as well as moving, editing, view files, explorer internal storage and external storage, you can download it for free in Google Play Store and also there is a Pro Version of it for more feature’s.

Download Free Version Download PRO Version

Credits: Google Play Store, Explorer Apps Developer, Root Browser Developer

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