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Beauty Plus for Photo Editing Review

Beauty Plus Popular Photo Editing for Android Phone

Beauty Plus is one of the best App in picture editing particular to a single photo where you can be like a Korean look by using the sub features. You can transform into a perfectly good looking face like others want to have. This App will help you remove unnecessary part of your face like Pimples, moles, rough skin, and etc. You can do whatever you want. It also have a Camera where after taking picture that will automatically beautify the captured photo. The most exciting part of this apps is you can edit your height to look taller, what I’m saying is some of us want to have a long leg like models, you can do or apply that on this App. You can also make a Video where your face is already beautify, you will no longer be worried if you face is unattractive. There are lot of features you can use by fulfilling the desire output you want. The following may help you to get more ideas about each features.

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Features classified as follows:
Camera – taking pictures where the captured photos will automatically beautify. It also have the choices for the desire Output.
Beautify – where you can enhance the pictures and modify particularly the face such as Filters the pictures, Smoother your skin, Tone of your skin, Taller (for your legs), Slimming (face or part of the body), Enlarge eyes, Removing Dark Circles, Brighten your Eyes to look more attractive.
Stickers – where you can put Stickers in you photo, there are free stickers you can out but you can also download by connecting in the internet.
Beauty Video – Capturing video with enhance features where you can adjust in scale 1 up to 5. After taking video you can add different kind of Filters.
Magic Brush – you can put different kind of sticker to add more design in your photos, like stickers, writings and etc.
Experiencing this apps will help you improve your imagination in editing your pictures to look more beautiful, fun, exciting and unique. You can Download this apps in Playstore just for free.

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Very Friendly User Apps - 88%
Best for Auto Photo Editing - 90%
Best For Photo Improvement's - 77%



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