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Avoid Home Key from Damage Using Assistant Menu in J7 2016

Avoid Home Key and Volume from Damage Using Assistant Menu for J7 2016

You have your Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 or 2016? and always having problem on how to prevent the home button and volume button from damage! well using Assistant Menu without installing any 3rd party apps just simply follow this step to enable the assistant menu in your Samsung Galaxy J7, so below are the step by step guide on how to enable it.

This is more convenient when you wanted to have a quick screenshot, increase or decrease volume, go to home menu of your Android device, just setup from the settings and you will have a very nice and organize things which you can access easily using this Assistant Menu just like iPhone devices, no need to install 3rd party apps because Samsung included this features.

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Steps to Enable or Disable Assistant Menu

  • After opening Accessibility from your device settings, find Dexterity and Interaction and open it.
  • After you open Dexterity and Interaction you will see another settings just open Assistant Menu.
  • When you open Assistant menu settings you will see a switch button that is set to be off just tap on it to switch on.

Now you will see a small circle with a default menu, you can edit it and arrange it according to your needs, you can enable and disable any settings available to that assistant menu, now you can now easily get in home or switch back or even set the volume or take screen shots. Share this if this help you a lot!

Below are the actual video screen tutorial how you can use assistant menu in your mobile device.