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10 Reasons Why Samsung Smartphone Is The Best

Top 10 Reason Why You Should choose Samsung Smartphone

Samsung is now one of the biggest smartphone markets worldwide, and I am telling you that they have a great user experience and that they always depend on what users wanted or needed when it comes to Smartphones they will surpass you expectation and that is the reason why Samsung is one of the most popular Smartphone providers for all who love using Android OS for Mobile devices.

Here in Asia especially from the Philippines Samsung is one of the popular Smartphone brands that everyone looking forward to newly released or what is new when they are going to released a new smartphone for a specific year or months, they are similar on what Google company aims because users experienced is their main concerns,  as we all know Google founded and own Android OS one of the coolest Operating System for mobile devices, because of its open source and that they have a lot of Free Games, Free APPS for everyone and this is the reason why people love using Android Smartphone.

So without any further explanation let me list you the top 10 reasons why Samsung Smartphone is the best for you as an Android Users, and what are the things you should consider when purchasing their products.

10 Reasons You Should Buy Samsung Device

  1. First, is, of course, Samsung Smartphone is one of the most popular Android Smartphone providers which has a huge impact on users, and also the price of the Android Phone is much affordable, there is a mid range Samsung Devices that is affordable for everyone but with a high-quality performance.
  2. They Provided an easy Download Mode settings for you to customize your device without any hustle step so that beginners can easily follow the rooting procedures.
  3. Easy to flash TWRP custom recovery using the most popular flashing tool for PC or Laptop called “Odin Tool” and easy to root using SuperSU by chainfire.
  4. Have the best security patch to get your personal information and credentials fully encrypted.
  5. Easy to restore original firmware or Stock ROM that we also included here on our blog.
  6. Affordable than iPhone but with the coolest feature’s ever that you did not experience to other devices, such as camera capturing, battery capacity, able you to clear the cache using the features from the settings.
  7. Provide nice looking themes, you can choose whatever themes you like from the Samsung Theme store, Icons, and wallpaper which is now one of the main features of Samsung Smartphone.
  8. Have a full screen for better gaming experience, video recording and or photo capturing for blogger, with an extraordinary selfie with the best result.
  9. Lots of Developer Support from Facebook Groups, Forums and other community that provides customization for your device.
  10. Always updated with a new Android version, and a new update for OTA release versions and other bug fixings, including the customer support.

Recently Samsung Release new variations of Smartphones, which has a non-removable battery which is similar to iPhone, I am telling you that the future device will be all non-removable device, there is some reason why they choose to have this kind of change, rather than consistent on removable battery, I would say that non-removable battery is better than having a removable battery.

I also observed that they have a variety of Smartphones which has the same model but with different internal storage capacity, this is good because many users looking for a huge amount of internal storage and some is not, now if you are a gamer, or love’s to install too many games or apps then better choose big capacity of internal storage.

Make sure that you already know how to take good care your battery using Greenify or the alternative way which is the normal way of taking good care of your battery, this is important because battery is always the main issue when you are playing games, using data connection, video recording, calling some important calls, playing music and any other activities you love to do in front of your Smartphone.


All in all, Samsung Galaxy is perfect for those who wanted to get in touch with their friends, family or loved ones by the help of social media, and also help you from a boring day that will entertain you by simply watching movies, playing HD games or even listening music from Spotify.