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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Stock ROM and Custom ROM + Tips and Tricks (Firmware)

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 was recently released yesterday after this post is created, you can check the specs of Poco F1 with reviews as well as pros and cons, recently Xiaomi releases this awesome device which good for gaming aside from its 4000mAh battery you can really enjoy playing because of its big screen.

If you really wish to install a firmware which is also known as Stock ROM for your Xiaomi Poco F1 then you are in the right place, after this device become a hot topic worldwide even on the internet finally some users is now currently looking for a Stock Firmware for those who are ready to customize something or tweaks this Android Phone, as we all know that Android Operating System is one of the dynamic and customizable OS which let advanced users enjoy adding tweaks, rooting etc, and sometimes if something went wrong the Stock ROM firmware is the solution for every issue you might encounter by simply flashing it back to original using this Poco F1 Stock.

Some users for Android facing an issue about bootloop, network problem, camera not working, and other noticeable problems, then you really need to go and get a copy of file of the stock firmware which we are going to link here the download file for flashing the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Stock ROM, make sure that you follow the guide and step by step tutorial how to do it, but also make sure you get all the required files.

If you recently bought this device, and you are looking for some tips and tricks for rooting, flashing guide then you are in a right place because we will list all the things you need for improving your device, another thing is that you make sure all the other process we provide here is followed carefully, we are not responsible if any problem might occur.

Well, advance users is always looking for a great way to get some cool customization that could really improve and probably flash Custom ROM, get some modification of APK, experience the capabilities of having a root privileges which will let you use a popular root apps with a great functionality, also if you are rooted you can do whatever you want like for example removing a bloatware, remove annoying ads, improve performance, and many more.

If it happens you experience a bootloop (this issue is one of the common things after you flash custom ROM which is you stock on the opening logo of your smartphone when you turn on) after you flash custom ROM or whatever tweaks you made then restoring your device from being bootloop, soft brick or deadboot is the solution.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Stock ROM and Custom ROM

Benefits of The Stock ROM Firmware for your Device

  • Once you decided not getting a root privilege this stock from could unbrick and totally back to its normal firmware
  • Fixing bootloop Issues
  • Get an upgrade if there is available stock ROM which is the latest version or you can also downgrade if there is a different version of a specific device
  • Fix lag camera, lag, and firmware bugs for Xiaomi Pocophone F1
  • Completely restore the original estate of your device and regain the warranty if you are planning not to get rooted again

Download Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Stock ROM

The Development is on going and we will soon update here

How To Flash Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Stock ROM (Step By Step)

Make sure that all your data is secured, you can perform backup for non-rooted users and for rooted users you can use Titanium Backup, and also remember all the things you need to do before doing the process provided below.

Pre-requisite Before Flashing

  • Note: This ROM is intended only for Xiaomi Pocophone F1
  • Ensure that your battery percentage is at 70% up to avoid any issues while flashing.
  • This Process Requires PC/Laptop Windows OS
  • Perform a Backup of your Data especially your Photos, Apps, Games, Music, and Videos
  • Download the Flash Tool application for your MI/MIUI Device
  • Download USB Drivers for the Latest Xiaomi (You can also refer another source of Xiaomi USB Drivers here)
  • Then Finally Download the Stock ROM for Pocophone F1

Android Crawl Blog is not responsible for any damage or issues you might encounter during the process, if you know what you are doing then you are good to go, make sure you follow the instruction provided, any files included on this page is not own or hosted by us, so big credit to the uploader, developer/owner, again DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!

Start Flashing/Installing Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Stock ROM

Once you get all the pre-requisite files and some important things to do before you flash, then you are good to go, just follow the steps provided below on how to do it.

Instruction on Flashing Stock ROM for Xiaomi

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