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How To Transfer Data from Android to iOS iPhone Devices Using SHAREit

Use SHAREit apps to transfer data from Android Device to iPhone

Are you wondering or looking for a solution on how you are going to play mp3 music, How To Received Photo from Android to iOS, How To Transfer Mp3 Music to iPhone iOS using the most popular data transfer apps called SHAREit, as you remember on our previous post that this is the fastest and most recommended to all Android Users and iOS users.

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Without any further saying, we will start on how you can transfer mp3, photos or data from Android to iOS using SHAREit apps.

Steps on How To Transfer Data From Android to iOS device

  1. For Android Users since you are the one to transfer files to (iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 7) iOS users, first thing you need to do is to install the “SHAREit” application from Google Play Store and then Open it.
  2. After Opening SHAREit from your Android device, you will see a 2 button option, now tap SEND and then select any files you wanted to send (mp3, data or photos) then tap NEXT.
  3. On the next screen preview, SHAREit apps will start to scan available device to connect so since we are going to pair on iOS device there is some little setup we need to do, so first you will see a button below one is to Connect to iOS or to PC, just tap on connect iOS than the SHAREit will create a virtual WiFi Hotspot, this is the hotspot that the iOS device needs to connect now that is the preparation for Android Users.
  4. Open your iPhones or iOS device and then go to your SETTINGS and open your WiFi then your iOS device will detect the Virtual Hotspot created from the Android device SHAREit application, now make sure that the Hotspot name is the same from the Android device just connect from it and you are good to go.
  5. Next, after you are connected (iPhone or iOS users) to the hotspot Wifi connection of Android just Open the iOS SHAREit application you installed from the Apple Store, and then you will see again the 2 button options now since you are a receiver just tap RECEIVE.
  6. Once you tap Receive button the files that are being pending from Android device will start transfering to your iOS device.

So that’s it, you now learn how to TRANSFER DATA FROM ANDROID to iPhone or iOS users, if you have any concerns just leave a comment below, also we will do a demo for this soon if we have an iPhone device but its too expensive here in the Philippines so we don’t have a video demo for this yet hopefully soon.

How To Play Mp3 Music Transferred from Android to iOS

Will the good thing about SHAREit is that you can transfer mp3 music from Android Device to your iPhone, now playing music is now possible using SHAREit, after you transfer the mp3 files just go back to the main interface of the SHAREit and then below you will see a MUSIC option then you can now play the music.

SHAREit for iOS SHAREit for Android

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