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Transfer Application Files Ten Times Faster Than Bluetooth Using Share It

Transfer Application Files Ten Times Faster Using Share it Application (Android user)

In many years Bluetooth is one of the most popular features from mobiles that enable all the users to transfer application files like music, photos and any document file, but now its more high tech and more faster than Bluetooth it is called Share it.  If you’re not using it well you better have this application installed in your android device, why? because using this application you can transfer application for mobiles like games, music, photos, and documents, it is more faster (10) ten times than Bluetooth because this app use your WiFi technology to create a temporary network from 1 user to another.

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Share It can be downloaded in Google Play Store Click here to Download and Install, now after you installed share it in your device just open it and you will see the main GUI (Graphical User Interface) of this app.

Steps to Use Share It Apps

  1. When Opening the Share It App you will notice a two button “Send” and “Receive”, so now I will explain to you what are those to works, first is the receive, so basically a user who want to receive an application do this first so just simply click the button RECEIVE and then you will see a new screen that says waiting to receive.
  2. Receiver will need to do this procedure in order for the sender of files to send, this is because the receiver will create a temporary networks that use to connect the other devices, now while your waiting to receive a files or apps the sender will tap the button SEND from the main GUI og share it, now after the sender will tap it will change screen and the sender will choose an apps, file, image or documents just simply tap the files you will see that it checked then click Next button at the bottom.
  3. After you click the next button share it will now scan the network of the receiver and it will auto connect on it if you see and icon with name of the receiver tap of it to send, after that just wait until its completed, and that’s it. you can also try this to your IOS Device or in laptops, iPad and computer just download the appropriate software but for this guide you can download it directly to google play store.

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