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Things You Need To Know About Android OS for all Android Users (2017)

Getting To Know Your Android Phone

Android OS or Operating system is one of the greatest and most popular open source systems for smartphones since this was released on every version, you will notice a new feature added, this Operating system is also called as FIRMWARE or STOCK ROM which is also having the same name to a customize Firmware called CUSTOM ROM.

What is Firmware?

Now this is one of the best questions for all the users that is new to this Operating System, I tell you that when you have your Android Smartphone devices and it is running to the latest version let say Marshmallow then that is so called a firmware, take note that you can replace your current firmware to a new modified or customize STOCK ROM or Firmware, there are lots of advanced users who is always flash their device but first they do a root procedure to gain access to the root of your firmware in that way you can flash any custom ROM but remember that this is only for members and rooting your device will void your warranty and might permanently damage your device, don’t do it if you don’t have any knowledge on it unless you are a hard researcher who is willing to learn new things.

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What is Rooting?

Well I mention it already but I will explain it here that rooting your Android Phones have a lot  of privileges that can’t do in a normal user access, it means that by rooting your android device you can now install root required apps such as ROM Toolbox , Clock Work Mode Recovery (CWMR) which is one of the custom recoveries that uses of all the advanced users to flash CUSTOM ROM.

Now there are also type of disadvantages when you tried to root your device, first is, of course, you will void your warranty, it means that you cannot avail the warranty of the company where you get your phone example SAMSUNG, iPhone, next is you will take a risk that your device might damage or not working properly as what it is unless you flash STOCK ROM or the Original Firmware, and there are lots of websites that you can get, and worst your device might permanently damage and the only solution you can get is to purchased new Android Phones :).

What is APK?

Apk is also the same as installer in which you can only install it on android phones, some of this have the purpose if having no internet and wanted to download a games or apps in the internet by searching the APK file that you wanted to install on your device but make sure you scan the APK files before you install it to your Smartphone.

How To Reset Android Settings And Password Instantly?

What I love about Android is it can be easily reset, and one best example of it is when you forgot your pattern password or your PIN password, in some devices, it might work but mostly it works in Myphone, Cherry Mobile and Samsung, below are the steps how you can reset your device.

  1. Turn Off your Device
  2. When you Are Samsung User Just Long Press POWER BUTTON + HOME KEY + VOLUME DOWN, and in that procedure, you will boot at stock recovery and choose the Clear Cache and Clear Data by just pressing the volume up and down to select it then press POWER Button to proceed.
  3. Now if your Myphone or Cherry Mobile Users or Oppo just Press POWER BUTTON + Volume down or Volume Up.

How To Enable Developers Option?

If you are planning to root your device or you need to re-flash your STOCK then enabling the Developers Option is important, since there is an option there that you need to activate called USB debugging, this will tell your Android Device that you are going to do some advance work but take note making this as one of procedure is very crucial so if you know what you are doing then do it at your own risk.

Steps to Enable Developers Option

  • Open Your Device and navigate or go to your Settings
  • Just scroll down and you will see the About Device option
  • if you are Samsung user you will need to scroll down again and find the Software info option and tap on it, and if not just find the option that says Build number.
  • Now tap the Build number option 5 times or until you see the indication that says “You are now a developer”.
  • After that just tap back to the main settings panel and you will now see the Developer options at the top of About device.
  • done.

Steps to Enable USB Debugging

  • Open You Device and navigate or go to your Settings and Scroll down at the bottom to see About Phone 
  • Find Software information> Build Number and then Tap on it 7 times until you see a popup that says “You are now a developer” and then go back to main menu settings and at the bottom near About Phone you will see a Developers Options. (skip if you already do this)
  • Tap to Open the Developer Options and then find the toggle button USB debugging, after that just tick to enable and you’re done, you might need also to enable OEM unlock at Developers option.

What is CUSTOM Recovery?

There are different types of custom ROM and two of the most popular custom Recovery is TWRP or  Team Win Recovery Project and CWMR or ClockWorkMod Recovery, when you first bought your android device the default recovery is called stock recovery.

  1. Stock Recovery – Stock Recovery use when you forgot your pattern password, pin password, etc. now if there are different ways how to clear or reset your password and the only thing you can solve is to boot your device into stock recovery. (Turn Off Device > Long Press Both Power Button + Volume Down + Home Key *If you are Samsung User*) you will then see the stock recovery, just choose Clear Data and Clear Cache by pressing volume down to scroll and power button to select, after that you can reset.
  2. Custom Recovery – This is available after you are done rooting and flash custom recovery, the main feature of this is you can flash Custom ROM and Optimize Device.

What is TWRP?

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project and it is a custom Recovery for Android Phones, it will make things possible than normal users, you can perform Backup, Restore your Backup, Root your device, Flash CUSTOM ROM and repair broken file system from your Android Phones.

What is STOCK ROM Firmware and Custom ROM?

STOCK ROM – The default firmware you have on you android smartphones with a stable function system such as data connection, WiFi, and many more, in short this is the best firmware for your device.

CUSTOM ROM – The edited or customized firmware that based on stock ROM, which has a lot of added feature such as, customized settings, customized message, over clock battery, have features that are not available to default firmware, the only problem with this is not stable, have a lot of bugs and might not work properly.

How To Clear Cache or Data to Restore Default Apps Settings

This step is yet simple but very much helpful in terms of resetting your android apps settings, this step will very much useful if you have an application that you wanted to restore from where it is fresh installed.

  1. Open your Device and go to SETTINGS.
  2. Find Application option and tap to open.
  3. Tap again the Applications manager to view all your application installed on your android phone.
  4. Tap any application you wanted to clear to open option.
  5. Now Click Storage Option.
  6. And then click Clear Data / Clear Cache.
  7. Done.

if you have any question about the step we provided above then please leave a comment we will provide you a video demo on how to do it, in this case, we use Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016).