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Summertime Saga APK for Android Users FREE (v0.18.6 HOTFIX!)

Get Summertime Saga APK

Summertime saga APK is one of the most interesting games for all Android Users, take note that this game is also available for PC and Mac, this game is a Quest game design to make all other users looking for a cool and different game story, much cooler than any other story game, you can get the APK file here or go to the Summertime Saga Official Website, you can search for the tutorial of this game using the YouTube channel we featured below.

The Summertime Saga APK file is very large so we required you to Download the APK game from PC or if you are using a Wifi then that is good as long as you have strong internet connection, because this is around 1GB file and also if you are one of the users of this game then this game is for you.

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The update (June 5, 2019) of Summertime Saga v0.18.6 is officially released, expect this game to have a new update for incoming next version, soon there will be a huge update so make sure you also subscribe our YouTube channel listed below to get a new gameplay, there is a cut of video for specific gameplay because we aim to guide you only how to achieve and complete the Quest, get your APK now or Download the PC game version of Summertime Saga.

For those players who keep asking why there is a gameplay cut, again we do not include that record because we protect our website from any issues, so we only upload a gameplay to the YouTube channel we provided below that gives you how to complete the quest of each character, if you want to see all the gameplay of this game then please download it and play it personally.

Summertime Saga created, design and develop by: DarkCookie (Art, Story, Design & Dialogue), NhKPaNdA (Lead Code), Amo (Code), Catbug (Dialogue & Posing), CaptainSploosh (Dialogue & Posing), AoiichiNiiSan (Music & SFX), sam9 (Servers & Website) and CreamyCookie (HR & Cookie Baker).

Set in a small suburban town, a young man finishing up High school and soon enlisting into College is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his family is in debt to a group of shady criminals. Adding to the list of problems, our young hero needs to save enough money before his College semester begins and find a date for prom night! [Source: https://wiki.summertimesaga.com/Summertime_Saga_Wiki]

Summertime Saga is wholly supported by generous donations on Patreon. Please give us a bit of your loose change if you have any to spare!

Summertime Saga APK version 17.5 is now released, for PC, Android, and Mac/iOS users stay tune as SUMMERTIME SAGA v0.18 is now in 32% Complete we will update this post once there is a new version of this game but in the meantime enjoy the sweet released.

Summertime Saga APK or PC Game Update 0.18.6

Good news to Summertime Saga fanatic out there, the new update status is currently working on and it will be released soon, the version of this game is from, v.51.30, v0.16.1, v0.17.0 up to the latest V0.17.5 which is the continues stories of the previous version 0.17.1, so if you are new to this game better try this cool game, now what are you waiting for get the APK here and enjoy playing this initiative gameplay of SUMMERTIME SAGA, for all the first timer better watch our Summertime Saga Gameplay or Walkthrough by simply visiting our YouTube Channel Here

Summertime Saga V0.18.6 update is now available and you can now play using your MAC, Windows PC, and even Android devices, for quest completion you can see it from our recommended YouTube Channel that we provided here.

Note: You can play this Game Summertime Saga using your Android Device,  Windows PC, and MAC, so there is no reason for you to try this out, the game is Free to download, but you can donate to support the game.

Download Summertime Saga APK, PC and iOS File

If you are going to download the file from computer or laptop then you must have to transfer it using your USB cable connector, and after that, you can install the APK file using the following instructions.
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  1. Tap the Summertime Saga APK to install.
  2. If you are first time installing APK please enable first the “Unkown Sources” by simply going to your Settings>Lockscreen and Security.
  3. Once enabled you can now install the game.
  4. done.

Game Name: Summertime Saga Version 0.18.6
Version: 0.18.6
File Size: 761.2 MB – This is why you need to download the game using your PC
File Source: Mega, NoFile, Transfer, Filesupload, Workupload

Summertime Saga-v18.5 for PC (761MB) | Summertime Saga-v0.17.5 APK (596.5MB) | Summertime Saga V0.18.5 for MAC

*** Note Summertime Saga APK file is not own or hosted by Android Crawl blog, we just included it here for fun, we highly recommend to visit the Summertime saga official website and get the game, enjoy!

Download NOW!

We store an old version of this game which you can get the document link here, this is just for those who want to try the old version, but we suggest you try the latest version, and for those who wanted to get the complete “SAVE DATA” to get the link on our documents here as well.

For all PC gamers of Summertime Saga you can also get it just help us share this page provided above and you can play the game, get the Zip file and extract using Winrar and enjoy playing, take note you can also get it to their official website, this page is for the Android version mainly, if you are asking how to install the APK file please do backread above on how you can install the APK, soon the 0.15 version will launch soon the encoding is in progress so stay update by simply visiting our Facebook page or always visit us here.

Video Tutorial or Guide for Summertime Saga

Visit Our Bryizz07 YouTube Channel To Watch The Full & Complete Summertime Saga Walkthrough/Gameplay, for you to learn how you can accomplish this fun and awesome Game, and to accomplish the game using other featured YouTube channel listed below.

Watch Video Now Bryizz07 Channel GamerZPro Updated Playlist

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to get the latest updates of this game, we uploaded updates daily so stay tune, for existing users, please use the patch below if you are using the 0.14.1 version.

V0.17.5 Changelog

V0.17.5 Changelog

Changelog (0.17.5):

New Features:

Earn interests weekly on your savings at the Bank! Interest rate is 3%
Beach House price has been reduced to $5000
Santa riding the streets of Summerville
Updated the Cookie Jar
New quests and cutscenes
New holiday decorations
Cupid store interface improved with new items
Added time skipping functionality to all front yards (direct children of the map, including MC’s bedroom)
2 new achievements to unlock (they are secret achievements)
Added a toggle for save locking (if you really want to load an earlier save file)
– This is on by default, which means it will prevent you from loading an earlier save

– This has no menu option (that is intentional)

– To disable savegame locking, set persistent.enable_save_locking to False

Rework of the codebase:

New Martinez character art and rig
New Consuela character art and rig
Added label notification (enable from the debug menu – General) for debugging purposes
Added night version of the treehouse woodpile, the scroll at the hill and the stick at the hill.
New Characters:

Meet Consuela Martinez, on Thursdays at the Beach House
Remember that odd item from Diane’s barn? You should start investigating
New cool scenes:

One new latest scene (2 angles and animations)
Bug Fixes:

Fixed save resetting when taking the Pregnax pills.
Fixed Diane being in the shed when entering for paint.
Fixed being able to check the school’s lockers at night.
Preg-nan-cies are now in sequence (and not in parallel). This is to still be able to see each character at the hospital, even if they get preg-nant on the same day
Added missing lewd Diane closeup (drunk on her bed)
Fixed being able to start the school delivery (Diane quest) on the weekend.
Fixed Tony meeting you for the first time twice.
Fixed “Debbie’s sleeping” dialogue triggering when Debbie isn’t in her room for one reason or another.
Fixed incorrect button usage during Diane’s evening visit (in Diane’s story, not Debbie’s)
Fixed hill tree screen not hiding
Fixed Diane’s outfit being the wrong one during the pie quest.
Fixed Day 0 Sleep issue.
Fixed being able to exit the stolen goods screen without taking the key
Fixed daytime scene on using the workshop in the garage when it’s night time.
Fixed time going back one tick if saving right after manually ticking time on the map/bedroom/etc
Fixed a bug that would trigger a night scene during daytime when entering the bedroom after watching a movie with Debbie for the second time.
Fixed a bug which caused Mia to lock you out of your sleep
Fixed a bug that caused Diane to never see you ja-ck it.
Fixed an issue that caused Debbie to be forever dress by the pool, if you slept before bringing her a towel.
Fixed being able to craft the glue for Dewitt at night time
Fixed the game.timer.image() function. It now displays images correctly regardless of period (Christmas, Halloween, …), time of day and extra information.

Post Updated: December 21, 2018

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