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How To Save Android Battery Using Greenify Complete Guide

Save Android Battery With Greenify Apps

We already posted some other Tips on How To Take Good Care Your Android Smartphone Battery and extend your moment on playing games or scrolling feeds from Facebook app, now in this case, we will gonna get you more advance but this is only for non-rooted users if you are rooted users then you can get the full features of Free Greenify apps from Google Play Store, but if your non-rooted and know nothing about how it works please read first the Things You Need To Know About Android OS For All Android Users Like you.

Step By Step Guide To Setup Greenify

We will now start to tackle about how you are going to setup Greenify Apps for your Android Smartphone so below are the list that you need to do in order to get a successful setup.

  • First is you need to download Greenify from Google Play store since it is for non-rooted you will only choose the free version which is good for saving battery.

Now after you open the Greenify Apps you will see some windows similar to the screenshot below just follow that step.

  • If you see the window above and you are using a password or something just click the checkbox to enable or simply click the NEXT button at the bottom right corner.
  • If the windows shown above will show just simply click the “My device is NOT rooted” because this tutorial is for rooted only, now if you are rooted then just select My device is rooted then tap NEXT button.
  • If you see this window above it says Automatic Hibernation just scroll down below you will see a message that say’s “NOT NOW (DISABLE AUTO-Hibernation” we will setup this later.
  • After you installed open Greenify you will see a window that is similar to the screenshot we provided above, now as you can see at the bottom right corner there is a circle with a plus icon, just tap on it to begin.


  • Now the screenshot above is all the apps that are currently running on background so select only the apps you wish not to run in background then at the bottom right you will see a circle button with a checked icon just top of it to proceed and done.
  • After the last steps, you will see the window same as the screenshot above and when you click the button at the right bottom there is a black window screen that says need to activate the Greenify accessibility, this is important in order for the apps to work properly, just top the word SETTINGS.
  • Now finally click the Greenify Icon and turn it on after you turn ON settings just tap your screen back to Greenify apps, and click again the circle icon at the bottom right and it will automatically stop the apps that are running background just wait until it’s done.

Congratulations you now have boosted your Android Device and save your battery from draining, we hope that this blog helps you a lot, and if you have more question just leave a comment below or directly contact us to have an immediate response.