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Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Without Using PC (Tutorial)

Steps on Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 2017

We will guide on rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 without using PC just an Android Apps, make sure that you know all the consequences when performing the root access, Rooting a mobile phone is quite popular for those who have an idea of this technology method. Most of the smartphones have a Rooting tutorial in searching on the Internet and even video has on it on youtube. Rooting is quite risky for those who don’t have a deep understanding of this process. This may void the warranty of your smartphone and can also be broken or damage the program running on the mobile. Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) can be done with or without PC.

In this article, Android Crawl will guide you how to root your Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) without using PC.


Please read and follow the steps carefully and do not attempt to root your device if it is not Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017). This rooting guideline is only intended on the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) version.

Disclaimer: Rooting your Android Phones will void your Warranty, and might damage your devices such as bootloop and any other problems you might be encountered, please read the Advantage and Disadvantages of rooting your Android Phones.

Important Thing to Do Before Rooting Your Device

  1. Perform a Full-backup of your data, there are lots of backup apps like titanium backup, helium and many more, some of the apps required rooting access to fully perform backup some of it is available for non-rooted users.
  2. Ensure that you have at least 50% of Battery to avoid any issues
  3. Better sync your data lie phonebooks and photos
  4. Download Required Files Provided.

Steps on Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Using KingoRoot APK

  1. Make sure that your mobile battery has the minimum of 80% level.
  2. Better to have an internet connection (WIFI connection.)
  3. Enable the Allow installation settings.
    a. Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  4. Download the Rooting Application “KingoRoot APK”. And Install it on your mobile.
  5. After Finish installing, launch by tapping the KingoRoot application.
    a. Note: If you see any warning message like “The software is harmful..” Tap YES.
  6. After opening successfully the KingoRoot application, Click the “One Click Root”.

Wait a few minutes while your device is in the process of rooting until it will be completed and prompt a Successful Message. For Checking if your device is already root. Download this App for Root Checker.

Download Required Files Below

To see get the APK files please help us spread the world by simply sharing this post using the social media provided below, and then the app link provided will be unlocked.

To ensure that your device is rooted you can check it by installing the Root Checker apps, if you see a green notification then you successfully root your device, next thing you need to do is to install TWRP, Tweaks and your journey to the world of rooting.

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