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[Tutorial] Root Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Max with CTR Recovery Flash Guide

Steps On How To Root Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Max and Install CTR Recovery

This guide will give you steps on how you can Root Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Max with CTR  Recovery Install guide, now the very first thing we need to do is to get first the files we need that is included below and then we will do CTR Recovery Install or Flash from your Android Phone or device.

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We will not be responsible for any damage you might encounter during this steps, and also rooting your device will void your warranty, so DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!!, all files included here is not hosted or not own by this blog they are own by Uploader, Owner, and Developer so Big Credit to them.

Steps To Flash CTR Recovery

Before we proceed please download first the files need below and make sure you follow all the steps carefully, if you have any question’s regarding this tutorial please leave a comment below.

Section 1: MediaTek Preloader Installation and MiracleBox Setup
1. Place all the downloaded files on your desktop.
2.Extract the Mediatek_Driver_Auto_Installer_1.1352.00.zip
3. Once Extracted open InstallDriver.exe, wait until the dialog box finishes. DON’T DO ANYTHING
4. Extract MiracleBox and open the folder. Open the miracle box loader.exe

Open Miracle Box Files

SECTION 2: Flashing
1. Put the preloader, scatter file and the recovery in a single folder, rename the recovery to “recovery.bin” ( quotations not included )
2. Open Miracle Box, Make sure that the MTK tab is selected
Make sure that you follow this screenshot

Miracle box open and running

3. Load the scatter file (Flare S5 Max.txt) you downloaded.

Open Miracle and locate scatter

4. Click Start button, and plug your phone into the USB port (make sure you turned off your phone). If the charging icon showed up, unplug the phone and take out the battery. Wait for at least 5 secs and reinsert the battery to the phone again.

Miracle Box Start Scatter

5. This box should show up.. Make sure that the preloader and recovery are checked. Click OK!

Hit Ok for Scatter in Miracle Box

6. After this step, just watch the application while flashing the recovery. this procedure will only take 5-15 seconds..
7. After MiracleBox displays the 100% AND THE “ WRITE DONE” in the progress bar, press Stop Button and unplug your phone from your pc.
8. Test your recovery by rebooting to the recovery mode (Power + Volume Up)
9. You can only control the CTR Recovery using volume and power buttons..
10. Perform a Factory reset in the recovery, It is under the wipe menu.
NOTE: This is an important step, follow this or you will have to flash the recovery again. 11. Once you select “Reboot Phone”, a prompt about “Disable Recovery Flash” will appear, just SELECT YES and you’re good to go..

Next is How To Root Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Max

File Name: RootStockRom.zip – This includes SystemlessRootFix.zip and SuperSU-v2.79-20161211114519.zip

Rebooting to the recovery mode (Power + Volume Up)
Download and Extract RootStockRom.zip
Flash SystemLessRootFix.zip
Flash SuperSU.Zip
Done.! Download Root checker in Playstore to verify that your device is now rooted.



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