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How to Root Cherry Mobile Amber 1 using Framaroot

Easy Way to Root Cherry Mobile Amber 1

Rooting your Cherry Mobile Amber 1 is now easy with just one application called “Framaroot”, it is easy and very fast to root your Cherry Mobile Amber android device and you can experience the great things that is not available in stock ROM or firmware. like for example installing or flashing CUSTOM ROM for your android device and or using application with root permission like Root Browser, or any application that is required root permission.

We are going to guide you on how to root your cherry mobile amber without using PC or laptop and just only the android apk application called Framaroot in just one tap, Framaroot is develop by XDA developer alephzain (Donate) if you find this helpful please donate to help the XDA Developer’s develop more, Big thanks to them about this Framaroot APK application.

This tutorial is only for Cherry Mobile Amber 1, we will not be responsible for any damage of your android device, but this tutorial is tested for many users including us so if you follow this guide correctly you will not get any problem, and if you find hard on following the step or if you have any Follow Up Question’s of it just simply leave a comment below or contact us. Rooting your device will void your warranty so take it at your own risk, in some cases this guide is tested for many user’s just follow the steps below and your good to go.

So below are the instructions or guide on how to root your cherry mobile amber 1 device, take note that you must first backup your application before rooting your android device so that you can restore it anytime.

  1. First is you need to backup data, you have a lot of choices to backup your data using any backup data tool or application that is available in google play store, click here for backup guide.
  2. After you backup your application or any data in your device that you want to backup and restore later after rooting, download Framaroot 1.9.3.apk application (click here to download), after you download it go to the file manager and find the Framaroot application, most of the downloaded file are stored in internal storage so go to file Manager>Download and fine Framaroot that you download earlier after that open and install it, in some cases you might need to enable “unknown resources” to install APK file so go to your Settings>Security>Unknown Sources then check the check-box right beside the “unknown resources” then go back to APK application of Framaroot and install it, we are sure enough that we can install the file.
  3. After installing Framaroot open the application and then select or tap the Install SuperSU, Unroot or Execute script (for advanced users) after that you will now see the success prompt and then you might need to reboot your android device to take effect the rooting procedure and your Cherry Mobile Amber is now rooted.
  4. To make sure that your Cherry Mobile Amber is successfully rooted you can use application “Root Checker” that is free to download in Google Play Store.

Possible case once exploit is selected
Success –  Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device
Failed – Exploit work but installation of Superuser and su binary have failed
Half-Success – system partition is read-only, use local.prop trick. Reboot your device and use adb to see if it run as root”, happen when the filesystem in use on system partition is a read only filesystem (ex: squashfs).
Failed – Try another exploit if available.
Framaroot crash or freeze, in this case relaunch Framaroot a second time and select the same action and exploit

After you download and install Root Checker open the application and follow instruction to check if your device if it is already rooted, if it is successfully rooted then Congratulation’s! you can now install custom recovery and install some Custom ROM.

If Framaroot above is not working you can try other version that is listed below;

File Type: apk Framaroot-1.9.3.apk (1.25 MB)

Framaroot-1.4.1.apk (2.14 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.4.2.apk (2.16 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.4.3.apk (2.02 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.5.0.apk (2.02 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.5.1.apk (2.02 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.5.2.apk (2.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.5.3.apk (2.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.6.0.apk (2.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.6.1.apk (908.2 KB)
apk Framaroot-1.7.0.apk (1.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.7.1.apk (1.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.8.0.apk (1.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.8.1.apk (1.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.9.0.apk (1.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.9.1.apk (1.03 MB)
apk Framaroot-1.9.2.apk (1.23 MB)

If you have any FAQ there are some question’s that already answered on XDA visit it here, if your any more further concerns just leave a comment below. you can browse in our blog for more tips and tutorials like installing or flashing stock ROM or firmware for your android device.


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