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Pokemon GO Hacks Using Fly GPS 100% Working 2017

How to Play Pokemon GO Hacks Without Living Your Home

There are different ways of Pokemon Go Hacks to play without living your location using only the one Android Apps, in this tricks you can enjoy playing Pokemon GO, catching Pokemon without having effort to go out, on this guide we will give you an exact and a hundred percent (100%) working “POKEMON GO HACKS” for all Android Users, all you need to do is to install Pokemon GO and the GPS application.

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Pokemon GO Hacks required nothing (No Need To Root Android Phones), all you have to do is you make sure you have the Pokemon GO apps Installed from your Android Phones, and of course the GPS Apps installed, this is all free to install from Google Play Store so no problem, note that this tips and tricks is tested by the writer of this blog and this is only for Educational purposes or for fun, any BAN issues is not responsible for Android Crawl blog.

Download The Apps Below From Google Play Store

Pokémon GO Fly GPS-Location fake/Fake GPS

Well after you download and installed the applications (Pokemon GO and Fly GPS) first thing we need to do is to set a little trick from your Android Phone Settings, just follow the steps below to begin the procedure.

NOTE: Make sure your Android OS have the latest version or at least you have a running Android OS version of Lollipop or Marshmallow.

Setting Up Your Settings

  • Open you Settings and Scroll down below and Open ABOUT DEVICE>Software info>Build number.
  • Now if you see the Build number just tap on it 7 times or more until you see a notification that says “You are now a developer” if this showed up then you are good to go, press back once or go back to main menu of your Settings and find DEVELOPER OPTIONS.
  • Open Developer Options and locate or find the Mock location app menu and tap it to open option, now since you installed the FLY GPS you will see an option that says “Select Application”, sometimes you will see 3 apps (Contacts, Fly GPS, Messages) just tap the Fly GPS to make it as default GPS apps locator.
  • Exit now and then open Fly GPS Apps, now from this tutorial we will be going to play Pokemon go at Central Park just hit or tap once the Search icon at the top right location of Fly GPS then input “Central Park”. and hit ok to auto find the location, now you will see a GPS icon with a corresponding name at the top of this icon, just tap on it then you will see a popup option that says “Please select the menu”, then just tap the first one GPS Service Run then next another popup option will display just tap now the Move Location Mode option.
  • After you tap the Move Location Mode option the Fly GPS will auto minimize and as you can see there is a Joystick on it, do not touch it yet since we are going now to open the Pokemon GO apps.
  • Open Pokemon Go Apps while the Joystick is on your screen you can drag it to relocate the Joystick from whatever lcoation from your sreen that convenient to you.
  • Now once oyu are login, you will see your avatar that is standing on Central Park location, you can now walk using the Joystick from your Screen, remember do not long press the joystick to avoid Joystick from Disappearing.

More Tips And Tricks On Playing Pokemon GO

  1. When Using Fly GPS apps avoid walking too fast from the maps, if this will happen you might soft ban or permanently ban on Pokemon GO apps.
  2. Stay on PokeStop atleast 2 or 3 minutes to make sure there is no Soft Ban.
  3. If you are Soft Ban, just go to nearest Poke Stop and Spin Poke Stop 30 times until you can get items and catch Pokemon and remove you from being Soft Ban.

That’s it! we are hoping that you enjoy this very simple trick, you can also see our demo video below for this trick.

Video DEMO for Playing Pokemon GO from your HOME