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Oppo R17 Pro Stock ROM and Custom ROM + Tips and Tricks (Firmware)

Oppo R17 Pro Stock ROM Firmware is one of the essential tools that you need when you are having difficulties or experiencing issues after flashing the Oppo R17 Custom ROM, because this will totally restore the original estate of your device the first time you purchased it from the Oppo Store.

What is Stock ROM?

Stock ROM is the original firmware installed from your OS, which also helps you restore your device from root access, or this will be the main solution when you encounter bugs from installing or flashing custom ROM.

A software which is originally installed from your Oppo R17 Pro, and now we will list here how you can flash, root, and tweaks your R17, we will update this post for a more interesting blog post about tips and tricks that will help Oppo R17 users improve their device.

What is Custom ROM?

Custom ROM is a modified ROM/Firmware which posses a great user experience, such as custom design, animation, effects, modified messages, boost performance, and other cool stuff that is not available in custom ROM, but as what we have said that people intend to install this Custom Firmware just to be unique and get some good tweaks to improve the performance of their device, as always installing a Custom ROM always has a disadvantage because you might encounter bootloop, unstable connection, camera bug and other bugs which is custom developer encounter and that is the reason why Stock ROM firmware is the final destination of all advance users to restore their original firmware.

Oppo R17 Pro Stock ROM Firmware Download

Now let’s get back to the original topic which is the Firmware/Stock ROM and Custom ROM, the first thing we will discuss is how to flash the stock ROM of your Oppo R17 Pro, well first thing first you might need also to check the Oppo R17 Pro Specs and below are the important pre-requisite reminder before flashing.

Benefits of The Stock ROM Firmware for your Device

  • Once you decided not getting a root privilege this stock from could unbrick and totally back to its normal firmware
  • Fixing bootloop Issues
  • Get an upgrade if there is available stock ROM which is the latest version or you can also downgrade if there is a different version of a specific device
  • Fix lag camera, lag, and firmware bugs for Oppo R17 Pro
  • Completely restore the original estate of your device and regain the warranty if you are planning not to get rooted again

Download Oppo R17 Pro Stock ROM Firmware

The Oppo R17 Pro Firmware will be soon linked here, please bookmark as to get the release of the Stock ROM, we will update this post here once developers official released the firmware

How To Flash Oppo R17 Stock Rom Using SP Flash Tool

Once you download the required files about this, you can now start flashing your Oppo R17 Pro firmware just simply follow the instruction provided below.

  1. Download & extract the Stock ROM (Firmware) on your computer.
  2. Install the USB Drivers (skip this step if drivers are already installed).
  3. Launch the SP Flash Tool
  4. Click on Download.
  5. Select the Scatter-loading.
  6. Select the Scatter File from the Stock ROM (Firmware) you have downloaded.
  7. Select Format and click Start.
  8. Connect device >> holding volume + and volume – button of your device at the same time or holding power button only.
  9. Patiently wait for the device to be formatted.
  10. After format,
  11. Select Download and click Start.
  12. Connect device & Patiently wait for the process to complete.

How To Root Oppo R17 Pro Step By Step Guide

Now, as a user, we always ask our self — “how to root my device?”. Well, good thing is that we also include here how to do it but make sure you know what are the consequences you might encounter when you are trying to get a root access, but as what we have said Stock ROM Firmware is the key or the solution to fully unbrick or restore your device.

Disclaimer: We at Android Crawl Blog, don’t take any responsibility when you do this process, we warn you!, so do it at your own risks!

Important Things To Do Before Rooting Your Oppo R17

  1. Perform a full data backup, as well as your important files, music, videos, etc.
  2. Charge your Oppo R17 Pro for atleast 70% to avoid any interruption.
  3. Unlock the Bootloader by simply enabling the Developers Option
    • Go To Your Settings
    • About Phone
    • Find BUILD NUMBER and tap 7 times until you see a prompt that says “You are now a developer”
    • Developers Option is now enabled, you might see it following the Settings at the bottom or in Additional Settings
    • Open Developers Option
    • You will see OEM unlock Option just tap it to check (enable it)
    • Done
  4. Flash CWMR or TWRP (this is a custom recovery need for to be able to flash a SuperSU or other tweaks)
  5. Download Root Zip File (SuperSU and place it to your internal storage)
  6. Boot to CWMR or TWRP and Select Install SuperSU from Storage
  7. Now, tap or select Confirm/Swipe to start flashing the Zip File
  8. Once flashing is completed you can now reboot your device and perform a root check to ensure your device is rooted.

Important: If CWMR or TWRP is not yet available for your device do not try to flash other file which is not compatible for your device.

Once again there are so many ways to root your device Oppo R17 Pro, so below are the following alternative ways to root your device.

Alternative Way to on How To Root Oppo R17 Pro

You can try other alternative ways to root your Oppo R17 Pro on the following guide below, leave a comment below which one is working with you.

Root Guide 1

  1. Download KINGROOT (This time we will use Kingroot to your your R17 Pro device, we will not use PC like the step by step guide we provide above).
  2. Install the App from your OPPO R17 PRO (you might need to allow install Unknown Sources).
  3. Open the KingRoot APp and tap the Large Button you see on the screen, and do not interrupt your device while the process is on progress.
  4. Wait until the rooting process is completed, once done you are now rooted.
  5. Done

Root Guide 2

  1. We will root your device Using Wondershare TuneGo App (Download the file).
  2. This time we will require you to please fully charge your phone before doing this process to avoid in issues or interruption
  3. Enable USB Debugging for Oppo R17 Pro
    • Go To Your Settings
    • About Phone
    • Find BUILD NUMBER and tap 7 times until you see a prompt that says “You are now a developer”
    • Developers Option is now enabled, you might see it following the Settings at the bottom or in Additional Settings
    • Open Developers Option and tap the USB debugging to check it/to enable it, done.
  4. Open the Wondershare TuneGo App from your Laptop or PC.
  5. Now connect your Oppo R17 Pro to your Laptop or PC (USB Connector).
  6. Now, from the apps running just click the ONE CLICK ANDROID ROOT option.
  7. Once rooting is on progress, please do not try to remove or touch your device to avoid interruption.
  8. Your device is now rooted

Root Guide 3

  1. Firstly, you need TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery to root via this method.
  2. Download Magisk latest Zip File.
  3. Boot your device into recovery mode (TWRP/CWMR)
  4. Then go to Install > Select the Magisk Zip File > Swipe to Install.
  5. That’s it, finally, the OPPO R17 Pro has root access via MAGISK installation.

Oppo R17 Pro Custom ROM Firmware

Here we will put a list of the Custom ROM firmware compatible for Oppo R17 Pro, take note that never ever flash or install custom ROM which is not compatible for your device, or else you will faced a big problem and these are;

When flashing Incompatible Custom ROM

  1. You will encounter Bootloop
  2. Your device will experience Soft Brick or worse hardbrick

The solution for all the issues you might encounter is to reflash the Stock ROM which we also listed above, now below are the list of Oppo R17 Pro Custom ROM.

We will update this post once official custom ROM will be released from the devs

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