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Manage your Blogger Account using only your Android Device

Manage your Blogger Account using only your Android Device

Are you a blogger owner and love writing blog with your own ideas or specific topic like writing travel blog, technology and many more well I will now tell you that you can write your blog article without having a computer and it is convenient for you including me to write blogging, I myself also do writing blog article at www.blogger.com since I was in college but the main problem I always encounter is I don’t have my personal laptop or computer that I can write on my article I need to always go to the internet cafe to do my blogging,  so when Android Mobile Operating System is announce lots of application is available and one of this is an app that you can write a blog and manage your blogspot or blogger account to write and post new article using only our Android Smartphone and this app called Blogaway, you can download this app app for free in Google Play Store, just remember that you must have your Gmail account to access google Play Store and download it.

so when I graduated in college and got my job as a Full Time Web Developer online I decided to buy my own domain (www.infomobileweb.com) I am also a blogger user (until now I have manage 4 blogger website’s) so now I will share to you how you can write a blog using only your android device from blogger.com.

So before I am going to start I will first introduce you what is Blogger, so for those people who don’t know how Blogger.com works so I will explain it to you, Blogger is a FREE web blog tool that owns by Google.com, since we already know what is Google I must admit that you have already your Gmail account for those who don’t have Gmail account then you can create your first Gmail account here. Android mobile Operating System (OS) is currently develop by google which means that you really need to have a Gmail account to fully use and experience the Android feature’s and of-course you can download FREE Game application’s in Google Playstore which is pre-installed in your android device, you must first login using you Gmail account.

Now if you already have your Gmail account then below are the steps on how to install Blogaway Apps.

  • First open your Android Smartphone and go find google play store open it, if this is your first time to open google Play Store then you need first to login your Gmail account that you have.
  • After that you can now view and access Google Play Store at the top of it there is a search bar just type “Blogaway” and hit search icon. Below are the results you will see, as you can see there is a free version and a Pro version which is worth 164.12 peso in Philippine currency or it may cost 4 USD or less in dollar.

Blog away

  • If you want to test or to use it for free then you can download the free version but if you are a professional blogger I suggest you to buy Pro version because it has a lot of feature’s that you can experience. after you installed just open it.
  • At first glance when you open ‘Blogaway’ apps this will as you to login using your Gmail account if you have a multiple Gmail account login to your Android device then choose what email you are going to choose.

use google

  • Just simply click the button that says “USE GOOGLE ACCOUNT” and then your good to go you will see now the list of the blogger domain that you use or you created.

blog post reviews

  • Now if this is your first time you need first to create your blog domain first and after that you can now start blogging using only your Android Smartphone’s

Now that is very easy to use and very convenient, enjoy blogging and always share your experience where ever you are, because blogging is awesome like sharing ideas and knowledge of the things that will surely benefit to everybody.