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LAS APK Free for Android Users (Latest Version)

Love and Submission APK Free Download

If you are looking for this game will better checkout first our review about this or should I say the story of this game, a great novel story which is currently available for Android Users, the game is not available in iOS for now but good news for Android Users because you can play this game by simply downloading the Love and Submission APK and follow the steps on how to install it.

Love and submission characters

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NOTE: The APK Game is not own or hosted by Android Crawl Blog, big credits to the creator and to the uploader of the file.

LAS Story Game Guide

We will discuss what are the flow of this game, at first you will start the game, and in the beginning, there is a man which is, of course, you as a player that needs to choose a name of you as the main character of this game, and then the story begins.

The main character return to his homeland after traveling and getting chill in Asia for almost 2 years, so when he arrived home his Mother and Sister would be so happy to see him back again, there is an option to choose if how you interact the game, now in the first task you will check your email from your computer and reply your friends and ex-girlfriend to meetup, you will then go to take a shower but first you need to charge your phone, then go to the kitchen downstairs to accompanied your mother and sister at dinner time/breakfast time, but suddenly you need to choose a comfort room so before you do that better go back to your room and pick up your phone and then go to the bathroom.

Next day, you will choose 3 options there to select Technology, Fitness, and Phycology, if you want you to save first your game when you see this option then choose each of this game to see the different flow of the game, but we highly recommend you to choose the Fitness option, this will be a good choice for good gameplay.

So there is a scene where you will meet a mysterious family near your home and you will meet 2 daughters, and if you are looking for your shoes better look it at the terrace of your home, the next things is that you will save your ex-girlfriend from a situation, also you will help your close friend from their business and this will help get something that required for your mothers quest.

Moreover, this game is fun, and take note this game is for Android users only, support this game by visiting the game provided below.

Credit Game Creator/Developer: https://www.patreon.com/veqvil


  1. Download the APK Game
  2. Place it to your SD Card or Internal Storage
  3. Locate the APK from your Android Phone
  4. Tap To Install and Enable Block Settings to Install the APK
  5. Go to your Settings > Security > Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)
  6. Done

Download Love and Submission APK Game FREE

File Size: 369.3 MB
Version: 0.06.1
File Name: LoveandSubmission-0.06.1-release .apk


  1. Good game