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King’s Raid Role Playing Android Game FREE (Available in iOS)

The Online King’s Raid Role Playing Game for Android Users

This is one of the BEST Ever game for Android, with a great Realtime PVP Game Arena, and choose your favorite character to different heroes available from King’s Raid Role Playing Gamenow if you are looking for intense battle game like “Mobile Legends” well you must try this game to experience the cool features of the game, from challenging raid boss, to the skills set of each heroes or character you are going to choose.

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King’s Raid Role Playing Game is recently updated (March 2, 2019), with a 1 new hero added so you have more heroes to enjoy while playing this game, this is offered by the Vespa Inc., so what are you waiting for Download and Install Now this game, it is free to install from Google Play Store, note that you some items need a real money to make your favorite character different from another player.

This game is more likely the same on Seven Knights so if you are already a player on that game then must try this King’s Raid Role Playing game, to compare this 2 cool games, because when we say Graphics well it is more likely an HD from King’s Raid Game with a skills and power effects, this has also a great game story in which you can really enjoy while done playing on PVP or wanted to try another alternative strategy of playing this game.

  1. Create your own deck with various type of heroes!
    Enjoy King’s raid story with your charming heroes!!
  2. Realtime PVP Arena!
    PVP in real-time! Stand against powerful opponents!!
  3. Experience Raid boss in various scale
    Challenge Raid boss with your friends.
  4. Action style with more excitement
    No more useless skill casting
    Use skill in the right timing to beat your opponents.

Game Name: King’s Raid
Current Version: 3.42.0
Publish Update: March 2, 2019
Offered By: Vespa Inc.
File Size: Around 94 MB

Get it on Google Play Store

King’s Raid Role Playing Ingame Event

1. Every 1/3/5th weekends (Sat, Sun) of the Month: 10 Royal Treasury Entries per day
2. Every 2/4th weekends (Sat, Sun): 10 Upper Dungeon Entries per day (When reset using rubies, gain 5 entry tickets as usual)

**This is an Online Game that requires mobile data or WiFi

Update Details below

[Feb 26th Updates] 1. Chapter.9 Release (Hunting content & Scenario)
2. New Hero Release (Glenwys, Dosarta)
3. New Legendary Gear Set Release
4. New User 15 Days Attendance Board Revamp
5. New Wedding Costume Release (4 types)
6. Major Update Celebration: Attendance Event in ongoing!!

Take note that you can also install this Game manually by just getting the King’s Raid Role Playing APK + OBB Data file, and install the game manually to your SD Card, if you are looking for King’s Raid Cheats, or some Mod game sorry but this game is online since and so there is no available for that, play fair and enjoy together with your friends, this game is also available to iOS devices so if you have iPhone’s or iPad you can enjoy this game as well.

King’s Raid Role Playing Game Video


Perfect Online Game - 7
HD Graphics - 8.5
Real-time PVP - 9.5



Best for online games, an all time HD game with a real-time PVP and great stories with a cool graphics and game experience.

User Rating: 2.65 ( 1 votes)