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How to Install CWMR to your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2

Flash CWMR for Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2

Do you want to have a clockworkmod recovery (CWMR) or custom recovery for your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2, then this guide will help you how to install clockworkmod recovery first you need to root your cherry mobile amber 4.2.2 click here to root your amber device, after you root your cherry mobile amber 4.2.2 you can now proceed this step, first you need to download the required files to install or flash custom recovery (CWMR).

This guide or tutorial is only for Cherry Mobile Amber 1 (4.2.2) this is not tested or recommended to other device like Cherry Mobile Amber 2.

What is CWMR or Custom Recovery?

So basically custom recovery is one of the best tool that will let you flash custom ROM or Firmware that is modified by many developer’s, but doing this will void your warranty so take it at your own risk, what is good about custom ROM or custom Firmware is that you will have permission to edit some core files of android (advance user’s only). take note that this is for advance user’s only if you don’t know what your doing or you have any question’s leave a comment below.

Below is the list of files that you need to download before installing CWMR or custom recovery;

Flashing or installing Custom recovery like clockworkmod will void you’re warranty or might damage your device so take it at your own risk, this is tested by many user’s so if you follow correctly the steps then your good to go.

So after you download the files that is listed above install the apk files of Mobile Uncle MTK tool, you might need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your settings to install Mobile Uncle MTK Tool APK file just go to Settings>Security and find Unknown Sources and enable it, after that you can now proceed on installing the apk. Make sure that your Clockworkmod custom recovery (cwmcoveryamber.img) is located in your root directory of your SD CARD (not in folder), this is to make Mobile Uncle MTK Tool detect the custom recovery file( .img file).

Before performing on flashing custom recovery (cwmr) you must check first the percentage of your battery for at-least 35% or more in order to avoid damage of your device or hard brick.

  • Locate your Mobile Uncle MTK Tool that you installed earlier and then tap on it to open
  • Then tap or go to “Recovery Update” then you will see the cwmrecoveryamber.img or the recovery file that you put in your root directory of your SD Card (external storage)
  • Tap or click the custom recovery that is listed on it then you will be prompt to install it just click “ok”
  • after that just select or choose the reboot to recovery then it will now reboot and your device will trying to flash the custom recovery
  • if it is successful your device will reboot to custom recovery

So after you have your own custom recovery of your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 you can now flash any custom ROM or any tweaks you want, and you can backup your current functioning stock ROM just in case your device is failed on flashing any ROM or you want it to undo back to your original Stock ROM so after you successfully installed or flash CWMR (custom recovery) we recommend to have a full backup of your STOCK ROM using your clockworkmod custom recovery.

Cherry Mobile Amber Stock ROM (click here to download)

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