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How To Screenshot in Oppo in A Simple and Easy Way

Tips on How To Screenshot in Oppo Devices

This question on How to screenshot in Oppo is very common most especially to all Oppo users, taking a screenshot of your Android device screen is one of the great features ever made by Android, this is very important to learn especially if you want to show something on your screen and send it over to your friends via messenger or any other social media apps.

Take Screenshot Using the button of your Oppo

oppo f1s screenshot tutorial

As you can see on the image there is a two (2) circle pointed on the volume down+ power button, just long press the two button at the same time until you hear a shutter sound and the screenshot will show at the bottom left corner of your screen.

This trick will also work to other Android Phones such as Samsung, Huawei, and other devices, now if the screenshot is not working on your device you can also try the volume up + power on button.

Screenshot in Oppo Using Screen Features

Now another way on taking a screenshot in Oppo is to your the Oppo features using only your screen, but in most case, this is selected only for a device so basically this wors only for some devices listed below;

  1. Oppo F7
  2. Oppo Neo 7
  3. Oppo F1
  4. Oppo F5

If you think that there your device working on this screenshot features but not listed above please leave a comment below, so now let’s proceed on how to do it.

  1. This is very simple look for some apps or if you want to take a screenshot from your favorite apps just go to that screenshot.
  2. Swipe your 3 Finger from Top up to the button just real quick and that’s it you now have a screenshot without using the button.

How To Take Long Screen Shot in Oppo F7

This is one of the awesome features included to Oppo F7 devices and hopefully to another device of Oppo smartphone, so if you are wondering what is long screenshot, this means that if you want to take a full view of the page of a specific website which has a long page at the bottom then this features will be useful, just watch the video how to take a long screenshot in Oppo.