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HOW TO: SAMSUNG Galaxy A3 Hard Reset (A300F Galaxy)

Samsung Galaxy A3 Hard Reset Guide

There are lots of Samsung Galaxy A3 user asking how they can hard reset their device, and this guide will teach you about  Samsung Galaxy A3 Hard Reset, this will also wipe data and cache all you need to do is to follow the steps provided here.

The normal reset way using your settings is a common way which will only restore your original settings, but what if you want to Hard Reset/Master Reset Samsung Galaxy A3 (A300F), well, better check the instruction provided.

Possible Things Samsung Galaxy A3 User’s Want To Hard Reset

  1. This will totally delete all your apps and games you installed on your device, except the default apps installed from your Android Phone.
  2. Clear the Cache and Restore Original Settings.
  3. Clean System and will make your device run smooth as it was the first time you bought this device.

Important Things To Remember

  1. Before doing the Hard Reset make sure that you have at least 50% of battery capacity.
  2. Remember the Gmail account currently login from your device (You need this after you reset your device, Google will ask you about this).
  3. Enjoy!

Some user always asks if this procedure is safe, well, yes as long as you do it right, Android developer in Google will not create a recovery tool if this is not safe, so I tell you this is 100% safe, to avoid any data lost make sure you remove your memory card or backup important files.

Steps on how you can Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A3

  1. Turn-Off your device
  2. Now hold both Volume Up + Home + Power button at the same time and released the key until you see a recovery mode
    Samsung A3 boot to recovery
  3. Now select “wipe data / factory reset” just use the volume + and – to select, and press power to confirm.
    Wipe Data Cache
  4. Next is to select the “Yes — delete all user data” the same process select it using volume up and volume down, and also press power to finally confirm.
    Reboot System Recovery Mode

Congratulations! you completely perform the Samsung Galaxy A3 Hard Reset after you reboot your device it will take some time to completely boot up, just wait and log in your Gmail account from the last account login on your device.

Watch How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A3


Android Crawl Blog, will not be responsible if you’ve encountered any problems, take note that doing the hard reset will certainly remove all your favorite apps came from play store, and will also clear your game progress so do it at your own risk.

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