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Guns Cars and Zombies APK with OBB DATA

Guns, Cars and Zombies is one of the best Action game that you should play because this is a free game which is also available in play store.

3.2.6 (35MB) | OBB (85MB) INSTALL Game

You can download and get the Guns Cars and Zombies APK here with an OBB Data file, which is 100% safe for those who want to install the game manually in your Android device or in Bluestacks Android emulator.

Guns Cars and Zombies Screenshot

Guns Cars and Zombies Screenshot

This game required an internet connection, so make sure you have connected to Wifi, try to become one of the strongest players of this game, and never forget to remember the fuel and armor is the secret to success.

Guns Cars Zombies Main Features

Guns, cars, and zombies! Who wants more?

Smash through zombies in this action-packed post-apocalyptic racing game. Pimp your ride, mount your gun and drive through various dangerous locations full of deadly enemies. Join a guild and capture territories by winning epic 1v1 battles in Guild War Events!

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Guns, Cars, Zombies! is the most epic post-apocalyptic online racing game!

Choose your style and build your unique zombie survival car!
Muscle cars, hot-rods, sport cars, pickups and other crazy vehicles to choose from.
Every car is fully customizable with dozens of unique parts.
Place items in car sockets to add extra abilities!

Mount various weapons to the car to be more deadly.
Shoot zombies to survive.

Play through four chapters and dozens of mini series.
More than 1000 missions to complete.

== PVP MODE ==
Defeat other players in the PvP Arena to become a Legend!
Compete against other real players and win big prizes in daily tournaments!

== GUILDS ==
Join a guild and play together with other survivors!
Chat with others and donate items to the other members!
Buy items from the Guild Store to become stronger!

Declare war, combat rival guilds to control territories, and win epic 1v1 car battles!

TURRET MODE: Get out of the driver’s seat, hop in behind the turret and shoot down all of the zombies!
DAILY CHALLENGES: Complete the most challenging levels. New challenges every day!
SCAVENGING: Visit abandoned places for a chance for loot.

Hit zombies and avoid obstacles on the road;
Shoot zombies for bonuses;
Build a zombie-proof car to be unstoppable;
Collect resources to purchase, upgrade and customize your vehicles and arsenal;

== HINTS ==
PLAY every day for valuable free rewards;
Complete QUESTS to get resources;
FORGE resources to craft powerful items;
Visit the BOUNTY HUNTER for rewards;
Buy LOOT BOXES to get tons of resources;
KIll a lot of zombies to activate RAAAAGE!
Make sure you play with your device connected to the internet to gain access to the latest content and features, and link the game to your Facebook account to ensure that your profile is backed up.
PLEASE NOTE, this game is free to play and everything can be unlocked for free with a reasonable amount of effort but it offers items and packages which can be bought using real money. You can toggle these purchases on/off in the “”Restrictions”” menu on your device.
Please rate it to support cool new updates and write an honest feedback to make the game even better!

Download Guns Cars and Zombies APK

Guns Cars and Zombies for Android is a one of the interesting action game for Android device and this is also available to iOS users, the good thing about this game is that the first time you play this game gives you some hint/guide how the game works, and you will learn to do Shifting when changing a gear to accelerate the speed.

How To Install APK

  1. Download the Guns Cars Zombies APK and place it on your SD Card or Internal Storage if you are using your PC or Laptop
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” from your Settings>Lock Screen and Security
  3. Then Locate the APK file where you place it, then tap to install.
  4. Extract OBB if any, and paste it to File Manager/Android/OBB (create OBB folder if not exist)
  5. done

Game Name: Guns, Cars and Zombies
Current Version: 3.2.6
Publish Update: October 24, 2018
Offered By: Denali Games LLC
Requires Android: 5.1 and up

The game was overall fun, and there is a lot of event and cars to choose from, the importance of this is you need to upgrade to become more stronger and hard to get defeated by an enemy or zombie.

Remember that if you are installing this game from Google Play Store make sure that you have a strong internet connection or Wifi because you are going to download the required Data files of this game.

Once you started the game you are asked to login via facebook or as guest, facebook login is required to ensure your game progress is save. and you have to kill at least 7 zombies on your first game mission.

After that if you win the quest, the game will guide you how to upgrade your car, the first upgrade is to boost fuel and armor.

Before you proceed on the next game you need to qualify your car by upgrading it if the mission required some car upgrade.

The more you hit zombies the more scores you gain, and at the mission 3 you will gain a weapon and install it on your car, what I love on this game is that it has a great graphics.

After the weapon installed you can now use it on your mission, but ensure to fill them up with ammo.

 There is a lot of free gold and earn more rewards by simply watching the ads they offer but if you want a simple game without boosting your car you can skip the ad.

Turret Mode

The mission here is to become a shooter using a turret weapon where in you need to reach on the target zone while aiming or shooting 40 zombies if you succeed you will gain good rewards.

Remember that you need to avoid obstacles because it will decrease your armor and destroyed your car, on the other side – the control is so easy.

Survival Mode

Your mission here is to avoid obstacles and try to hit zombies to slow your speed this will help you succeed in your mission because you need to reach the finish line without destroying the car.

Rage Mode

This is one of my favorite features, because if you hit a maximum number of zombies, your car turns to rage mode, and it will boost up speed and immune to any obstacle damage.