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Glamour APK v0.9 Free Download Game for Android

Glamour APK Free Download

One of the greatest game that every Android users should play, but take note this is only intended for those who players with epic experience or should we say Legendary gamer, now for you guys this is, of course, available for Android devices and on Windows PC, sad to say no iOS users can play this game because the developer did not release the game for iPhone users.

Glamour APK free download

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NOTE: The APK Game is not own or hosted by Android Crawl Blog, big credits to the creator and to the uploader of the file.

Offline version of Glamour APK Download doesn’t have any connection with our server and doesn’t update automatically. When you play an offline version of the game, your progress is saved locally on your PC. Save files will be compatible with 0.10 and, hopefully, future offline versions of the game.
Online version isn’t going anywhere and you can still use it and all its advantages: automatic updates, patches and fixes, cross platform play and cloud save files. And if you prefer an offline version so you never have to rely on our server, you have this option available too.

Glamour APK free download screenshot

0.9 is focused around the main storyline, so you’ll see many interesting dialogs and some new events.

If you’ve finished Candy’s investigation quest, Sophie might come up to Kate between classes and ask her about sitting next to her in the classroom. This will unlock an option to talk to her during lessons. Talking in class is, of course, against the rules and can have consequences.

Nicolas and Karen
Certain events will show college in a new light. Kate will also start working on getting closer to the college committee members. For now, it’s Adam and Zoe. Maybe we’ll also add other teachers in 0.10.

College rules don’t forbid relationship between students and teachers, which means Kate has an opportunity to get to do know Adam in a more romantic setting. She can also talk to him after classes.

Zoe and working in the medical office
Kate can not earn fines for breaking college rules and work off her fines in the medical office by helping Zoe. But first, she’ll have to go through an interesting medical exam…

Female NPCs now have improved behavior on PE lessons. You’ll see the full cycle: changing into sports uniforms with several stages, the lessons, undressing in the locker room, showering, etc. Unfortunately, we didn’t add any events for Kate, for now, she’s just a silent observer. In the next version of the game, we will add cheerleading practice and interactive PE lessons for Kate.

Two new locations
New and improved medical office and fully functional principal’s office. You can interact with characters in both locations in Glamour APK Download

How To Install Glamour APK Game?

  1. Download the APK Game
  2. Place it to your SD Card or Internal Storage
  3. Locate the APK from your Android Phone
  4. Tap To Install and Enable Block Settings to Install the APK
  5. Go to your Settings > Security > Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)
  6. Done

Download Glamour APK Game FREE

Game Name: Glamour
File Size: 22 MB (APK) | 1.19 GB (PC)
Version: 0.06.1
File Name: glamour.apk | Glamour-0.9-offline .7z