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[ROM] Flash Samsung Galaxy S6 STOCK ROM via Odin Tool

Flash Samsung Galaxy S6 STOCK ROM Complete Guide

A Complete guide to restore, downgrade or recover your Samsung Galaxy S6 Stock ROM and flash it using Odin Tool, now if you are looking for a complete and step by step guide on how to do it then you are in a right place since we are going to give you a detailed guide to flash it via Odin Tool, there are lots of reason why we need to re-flash our STOCK ROM or FIRMWARE since Android is Open Source there are advanced users who is trying to Modify or Customized their default Factory Android OS to a CUSTOM STOCK ROM which is more optimized and have additional features than the default one, but there are lots of issues or bugs so many of them try to restore the original firmware or Stock ROM since this is the most stable firmware of your Device.

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Important Things To Do Before Flashing Stock ROM

Before you can proceed to the process make sure that you do the things we will list below and that you read it carefully, this procedure works perfectly and tested by many users, so if you have doubt or questions about this post you can leave a comment below.

  • Prepare your USB Chord, PC, STOCK ROM or Firmware Files (Must Download Below).
  • Make Sure you Perform Data Backup, because flashing Stock ROM will remove the installed apps and stored photos or Music. Click Here or Here.
  • Also doing this process is crucial so we admit you have presence of mind, common sense, and read our disclaimer below, as well as make sure you have at least 60% to 80%.


This process is intended for advanced users, any files included or link here are own by the respective developers, creators and owners, we do not own any of it, so credit to all of you (you know who you are), this process is crucial so Do it at your Own RISK!

Download The Files First Below To Start The Flashing Proces

This is important files to make the Flashing Process of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Stock ROM or Firmware Possible, we do not own any files included below so BIG Thanks to the respective owner!

NOTE: This Process or Tutorial is intended to Flash SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 STOCK ROM Only
Odin Tool
Samsung Driver | Mirror
Samsung Galaxy S6 Stock ROM or Firmware Download Here (Credits to XDA)

How To Flash Samsung Galaxy S6 STOCK ROM Guide

Now make sure you download all the files I mention above, and all the files indicated above is own by the respective owner, so big credits to them, after you download all the files (Odin Tool, Samsung Galaxy USB Driver and STOCK ROM), you can now proceed on flashing guide just follow the steps correctly, if you have any questions then just comment us below, and we will do our best to assist you for your concerns.

The Complete Steps on How you can Flash SAMSUNG Galaxy Stock ROM Using Odin Tool can be seen below.

[Tutorial] Flash Samsung Galaxy Stock ROM Using Odin Tool

Just click the link above to follow the flashing guide for your Samsung Galaxy S6, and we are hoping that we help you with this tutorial, if you fin our blog useful please don’t forget to help us spread our blog, many thanks!


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A very useful tutorial to recover your Samsung Galaxy S6 from bootlop.

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