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Essential Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Secret Codes

Useful Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Secret Codes

Secret codes are very important and useful for those who have J7 prime, this tips might help you on identifying a good android phones, you can follow the tips below and we hope that this will help you a lot, in some cases the secret codes included below might also work on other devices, but this post is focusing to Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Secret Codes.

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Details Below:

Name :Mobile Testing Codes
Warranty :Does Not Void Warranty.
Stability :Stable without any issues.
Check App: Within Mobile-Using Dial Pad.

Supporting Versions:
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and all other Models.

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These Codes are very useful when you buy an old mobile.For checking the old Mobiles Working Well Are not.You can check by this Codes.
Codes are Region Dependent.

Important Codes

Test this When You Buy Old Mobile

*#0*#-Type This Code in Your Mobile Dialpad.
By typing this code you can check lots of Tests and you can normally check your mobile’s functions, Working, properly or not.
Here you can check the Tests like
Display test,
Vibration Test,
Microphone test,
Speaker test
Perform the Sensors test and so on..
By using this Code you can check lots of stuff about your Mobile functionality.
When you type this code you will get a table sized Display With lots of options.Each one can be used For Each Functionality…

Reset Your Mobile

Backup Everything You want Before Doing reset.

Soft Reset:
It resets only the Settings made by you With Default Settings.

Hard Reset:
Delete Everything in your Mobile and Return it to New Mobile Settings and Memory.Full Data Loss Process.

IMEI Number:
Mostly We all Know this Code.It is Use to Check the IMEI no of the Mobile.

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Secret Codes is essential to determined your Samsung Galaxy J7 Primee Status, Might work as well to other devices.

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