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How To Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging + OEM Unlock

Tutorial To Enable Developer Options & USB Debugging

This process is commonly performed if you are going to root your device, flash custom recoveries such as TWRP/CWMR, or flash custom ROM, enabling this means you know everything about customizing your device, Android Crawl will not be responsible for any issues you might encounter, as we always do a reminder that rooting your device will void your warranty or might leads to bootloop or any common issues encountered by developer.

If you are new to this process first thing you need to do is to Enable Developer Options and then Enable USB Debugging, after that you are good to go and you can now root, flash or customize your Android device.

Steps to Enable Developer Options

  • Open Your Device and navigate or go to your Settings
  • Just scroll down and you will see the About Device option
  • if you are Samsung user you will need to scroll down again and find the Software info option and tap on it, and if not just find the option that says Build number.
  • Now tap the Build number option 5 times or until you see the indication that says “You are now a developer”.
  • After that just tap back to the main settings panel and you will now see the Developer options at the top of About device.
  • done.

Steps to Enable USB Debugging

  • Open You Device and navigate or go to your Settings and Scroll down to the bottom to see About Phone 
  • Find Software information> Build Number and then Tap on it 7 times until you see a popup that says “You are now a developer” and then go back to main menu settings and at the bottom near About Phone, you will see a Developers Options. (skip if you already do this)
  • Tap to Open the Developer Options and then find the toggle button USB debugging, after that just tick to enable and you’re done, you might need also to enable OEM unlock at Developers option.

Congratulations! you are now already know how you can Enable Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging, hope this simple tutorial will help you to your journey on customizing your device, cheers!