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Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Stock ROM V11 Flash Via SP Flash Tool

Flash Cherry Mobile Flare S3 V11 STOCK ROM Complete Guide

This is a simple and complete process on how you are going to Flash Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Stock ROM Version 11 using the SP Flash Tool, this is important when you are experiencing some issues with your device, the best example for this is when you are trying to root your device and flash Custom ROM, and decided to get back to original Firmware also known as Stock ROM, by the help of SP Flash Tool you can now easily restore your original firmware but make sure you follow all the steps we provided below.

Things to Consider before the Flash Process

The first thing you need to consider before doing the process is to make sure that your battery percentage is around 80% or more, just to make sure you don’t encountered any problem next is the following list below.

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  • Make A Full Backup of your Files such as Videos, Music and Apps, because flashing the custom ROM will restore to original state and removed your current apps installed and or any files you have on it, just transfer it to your Computer or save it on your SD card.
  • You must have a USB Cord to Connect your Android Phone


This step is proven and tested so if you are having problem while doing this step then we are not responsible for any damaged you might encountered, just follow the step accordingly and you are good to go.

Files Needed for This Process

Make sure you get all the files needed on flashing Stock ROM and then extract it, for SP flash tool just extract the file and then open the SP flash tool Exe Files.

SP Flash Tool – You can find or google SP Flash Tool since it is free application to download just make sure you download the latest version or Go Here.

  • File size: 415.91 MB
  • Uploaded: 2015-01-04 22:28:05
  • File Name: Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Stock ROM V11 GO HERE

Note that Stock ROM that we provided here is not own by this site, we just only link it here for those who is looking for the file and provide process on how you can recover your Android Device from being bootloop, Soft Brick or even Hard Brick, because restoring your Original Firmware is the best solution for any issues might happen to your Android Phone.

How To Flash Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Stock ROM Using SP Flash Tool

Flashing STOCK ROM using SP Flash Tool is normal Procedure just Select Format All + Download and then hit the download button to start flashing.

  • Download and unzip the package , Open SPFLASHTOOL EXE and Load the Scatter file ( Click Scatter Loading)
  • Uncheck all the boxes
  • Go to / click RECOVERY box from list and load recovery image according to your device/choice ( load image from the separate window –>open)
  • Now you can see RECOVERY box is checked and you can see the recovery image location ( uncheck all other boxes)
  • Switch off your device
  • Connect your device and Click DOWNLOAD “button” on top ( not the tab) , If it ask click “yes”
  • It is done and MTK flashTool will do the rest. If you have problem with flashing tool or drivers install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers from our links.

After a successful run, you will be prompted with a green circle. congrats!! you have successfully flash your MediaTek Android smartphones with SP Flash Tool.

Download CM Flare S3 Stock ROM

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