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Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 Stock ROM and Custom ROM flash Using CWMR

Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 is one of the local phone here in the Philippines that is released by Cherry Mobile Company, it contains jellybean version so if you are one of the user’s of cherry Mobile Amber and you are looking for Firmware or Stock ROM as well as Custom ROM then below are the list of firmware or Custom ROM that is free to download.

This is only for advance user’s, flashing or rooting your android device will surely void your warranty and in some cases it might damage your device. we will not be responsible for any damage of your device so take it at your own risk, this guide or tutorials is tested from many users so just follow the steps correctly.

Now, before you can flash any custom ROM, Firmware or Stock ROM you need first to root your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 so below are the steps before flashing any Firmware, Stock ROM or custom ROM;

  • First, you need to root your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 device click here for the tutorial or guide on how to root your device
  • if you’re done rooting your device next is you need to have your own custom recovery click here for the tutorial or guide on how to install or flash custom recovery (cwmr).

If you are already have rooted your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 device and have a custom recovery or clockworkmod then you can skip the step listed above if not then you must first root and flash custom recovery.

What is Stock ROM or Firmware?

Stock ROM or Firmware is the original (default) installed android system from your device that is highly recommended because of its limited access some user’s are wanting to root their device.

What is Custom ROM?

So basically custom ROM is a modified ROM or Firmware that is develop for many developer’s that is added more tweaks, performance smoothness and cloning some feature’s and design of other android device like Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Asus and many more. But in some cases custom ROM have their own specific bugs, like nonfunctional wifi, radio, camera etc. so the best thing you can do to fix this problem is you need to restore you default or original Firmware(Stock ROM) that is officially smooth and bug free.

NOTE: if you want to flash custom ROM or firmware you need to always perform backup in your custom recovery so that you can restore later if you encountered any problems while flashing.

So Below are the List of firmware(Stock ROM) or Custom ROM for your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 Device.

Cherry Mobile Amber STOCK ROM

amberstockromviaCWM.zip (File size: 285.44 MB) – flash this stock ROM or firmware using Clockworkmod custom recovery.

Custom ROM

XambeR.zip (File size: 300,926 KB)

ragecore 3.0[AMBER].zip (File size: 168.2 MB)

(ROM)_SuperKat_by_vps.zip((427MB) – after installing flash this BUG Fix


After you download your Choice here are the guide or tutorial on how to install or flash Stock ROM or Custom ROM and make sure that your battery percentage is 35% or 50% above to avoide hard brick or damage of;

  • Always perform backup using your CMWR
  • Put your download zip firmware stock ROM or Custom ROM into your SD Card (External Storage)
  • Power Off your Cherry Mobile Amber 4.2.2 Device
  • Press or Hold both Power + Volume up  then wait until cwmr will boot up then release the key
  • Perform wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik and battery stats
  • Format System and Mount System
  • after that choose “Install zip from SD” then locate the zip file of custom ROM, firmware or Stock ROM from your SD card and install

After that you will see that you are done or successfully flashing your new custom rom or stock rom from your device if not just restore your backup, you can now reboot your device. Take note that after flashing the first reboot will take a couple of minutes to display menu so don’t panic and relax until you see that your device is done booting.


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