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How To Boot Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310Y Download Mode

Guide to Boot Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310Y Download Mode

Download mode for your Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310Y is essential for all who bear with Galaxy device since this is the first process you are going to do when flashing the original Stock ROM or Official Firmware for your device by the use of the popular utility tools called Odin Tool, now to make Odin Tool works you need to boot Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 2016 SM-A310Y download mode and this will make your device allow a manual Firmware Flashing procedure.

Aside from flashing Firmware or Stock ROM in Odin Tool Utility, Download mode is needed when you are going to root your device via Odin tool or make some customization.

There is also called OEM in Samsung device which is mostly use for Fastboot o Bootloader mode, Samsung Galaxy is the only device offers download mode to make their advanced users to whatever they want but make sure doing this process have the advance knowledge, this is not recommended to basic users, the process below will guide you how to boot by pressing some important buttons on your device.

Guide to boot Samsung Galaxy Download Mode

Make sure that your Battery is have the remaining percentage of around 60% and up to ensure that when you do flashing it won’t interrupt the flashing progress or else it might get you in a critical issue such as bootloop.

Steps To Boot Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310Y Download Mode

  • The first thing you need to do is to Turn Off your device, make sure it vibrate’s this indicate that your Android Phone is completely OFF.
  • Next is to Press 3 Buttons Volume Down + Home Key + Power Button – make sure that you hold it until you see a warning message (See Screenshots above).
  • Now next thing you need to do is to press once the Volume Up to finally enter the download mode.

In some cases Odin Tool might automatically boot your device let it be but if your device did not reboot after successfully flashing you ca just manually reboot it by pressing and hold Power button to turn off your device and then just normally open it like what you normally Turn-On your Android Phone.

If your Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310Y is running a custom ROM such as CM13 or Omni, then you can boot into download mode without powering off the device, right from normal mode. Just press and hold Power button until a menu come up. You then need to select ‘Reboot’ and later ‘Bootloader’ option. Wait for the phone to boot into Download mode. However, in some ROM you may require to enable Advance reboot menu located under Settings –>Developer options.

You now learn how to boot your Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310Y download mode, if you have any concerns or clarification about the process, please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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