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Best Smart Home Gadgets You Can Control With Your Android Phone

The first home automation technologies depended on complicated wiring and heavy remote controls, but now you can control devices in your home using your phone. Home automation devices have become smaller, more energy efficient and wireless. Imagine controlling the cooling, heating, entertainment, and lights in your home using your android phone. Since these gadgets are also connected to the internet it is possible to control them remotely.

Automatic heating and cooling

In the Philippines, warm humid weather conditions forces people to buy power hungry and inefficient fans. A smart thermostat is especially useful in this situation because it can detect the humidity levels in your home, and then cool the place without you having to turn a dial or press a button. For example, the Ecobee4 has wireless room sensors that can measure temperature in a particular room, and automatically raise or lower the temperature in the room. Other thermostats you may find useful are the Honeywell and the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Voice control

The Amazon Echo Plus (2nd generation) is the latest generation of the Amazon Echo speakers. Just like the earlier versions, it can search the web, answer questions, read the news and control compatible smart home devices. This speaker also allows you to call and text almost anyone hands-free. It has a built-in Zigbee hub with an easy set up that allows you to easily control devices with your voice. Other home assistants that should draw your interest include Google Home Max, Google Home Mini, and Sonos One.

Smart security door locks

Smart door locks enhance security though sophisticated access control technology. They can be locked and unlocked without a key and can be programmed to lock themselves behind you as you leave.  You can send “virtual keys” to family and friends to allow them access to your home when you are away. The “keys” can be programmed to be active for a specific period of time before losing their ability to unlock the smart lock. The best smart door locks include August Smart Lock Pro, Schlage Sense, and Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock.

There are also smart home devices that monitor your electricity consumption so that you don’t have to pay high power rates.  The best thing about these devices is that they all come with apps that you can download on your android phone.  Most of them can also connect to the internet, which means you can monitor and control your smart devices remotely.